The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Game not launching
The game says Preparing to launch Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it closes and opens again and i have waited 1 hour and its done the same thing ive restarted it, re-installed it, re-installed steam but nothings working please help me
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Minsc 2014年4月7日上午12:18 
Your going to have to give a bit more information if you want some help buddy. What operating system, how much memory, is it pirated, (cause if it is no one on this site will help you) are you running mods, is this your first try at the game.....etc etc etc...good luck
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月7日上午1:14 
ok ill go have a look at system stuff
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月7日上午3:54 
8.00 GB, System type: 64-bit, service pack 1,
Urgh 2014年4月7日上午4:13 
Check for updates on your cpu/pc and steam (is usually the issue when its doing that with me).
And/or restart steam.
And/or restart your cpu/pc.
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月7日上午4:40 
tried that so many times
still nothin
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月7日上午4:41 
alot of my games use to work like perfect now most of them all have diffrent problems
Urgh 2014年4月7日上午5:02 
All steam games?
Disable cloud storage?
Have you played the game before? If so what changed since last you played it?
Graphic card?

I got no clue lol, you have to wait until someone smarter shows up :p
Or google it.
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月7日下午2:52 
nope changed nothin
crapmonster 2014年4月7日下午3:53 
引用自 Ty
alot of my games use to work like perfect now most of them all have diffrent problems
Common sense. If all your games not just Skyrim stopped working, the issue is obviously not with Skyrim. Issue is most definitely with failing/faulty hardware or virus/rootkit/etc...

Trying reformatting and reinstalling OS to insure it isn't the latter. Then if you are still having issues, start diagnosing your hardware.
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月8日上午3:53 
im havin the same problem, been happening for days just says disk read error can anyone help
ive had to reload skyrim but NOT steam cuz i herd it doesnt help, and getting pretty angry cuz ive updated EVERYTHING possible, deleted the appcatch thing HELP ME PLZ!!!!
ladyheathermc 2014年4月8日上午8:36 
I have the same problem. It failed Cloud storage and now says "preparing to load" forever. I was playing before dinner, saved and quit, and now can't get it to open.
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月8日下午2:32 
i went to Windows Update on my computer clicked it and it had a Check for updates button.

So i clicked it and a little msg came up saying something and that the service pack is not running? could that be the problem or not?
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月8日下午2:47 
im never going to get my games back that cost me alot of money D:
uoy stnaw natas 2014年4月8日下午2:50 
and now every single game i have is having a problem
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