The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Oblivious Ninja 2014年4月6日下午8:19
Okay so here is the problem. I downloaded a few mods through NMM and ran them through SKSE... No problem? Well I logged out last night and went to bed. When I got back on today ... I wanted to start a new game. So I started it up through SKSE and as soon as I got to the ride to helgen ... I was INSIDE of the carage. Well I quit the game and reloaded it. The same thing happened. This time I let it play through. When we got to the gate the characters were standing straight up with their arms extended standing still ..... then the game wouldnt open the gate to let the carages go through. So I installed the "Live another life" mod thinking it would fix it. Well I was sorta right. I went right to whiterun and come to find out ... all the characters were standing still with their arms extended. So by that time I was angry. I took out my bow and shot at one of them. My arrow went straight up. So I looked down and saw that my characters arms were ALSO extended. I deleted the local content through steam and re downloaded it. I launched it and the same thing happened. I really want to play but its not possible to with the error.
I would love for someone to help me :(
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『Kagerou』 2014年4月6日下午9:25 
Kindly don't double post threads. I see you already had a thread that was answered.
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