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R3C0N_BL1TZ 2014年4月6日 17時45分
Mac Users?
Hey everyone, I'm a mac user (don't have skyrim on mac yet; just on xbox). I usually just play casually, only f2p games. I was wondering, is there anyone who can get Skyrim to work well on a mac using a wrapper(NOT bootcamp or parallels; I know about those and I don't want to pay one hundred dollars for it)? I want to play it and I was just wondering.

And also, Can anyone tell me if my mac is powerful enough to actually run skyrim (if so at what settings). I have the late 2013 base model 15 inch macbook pro. That means my processor is 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache, and 8GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory. I have 200 gigabytes of flash storage left. IDK if it is a graphics card per se but my graphics are Intel Iris pro( I know they are not the best).

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!
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Ceejay 2014年4月7日 1時52分 
Well this graphic card can run skyrim. Here is a list of benchmarks including skyrim, it runs it playable at medium (this is average, so you will get stuttering in places), but for really smooth, you will need to go on low.

The problem is, using a wrapper you get a performance hit, so using bootcamp may allow you to play the game properly, given your specs. you may find using a wrapper your computer may not play the game well at all.

Like most forums though, the only posts on here regarding people playing with a wrapper of some sort are having major issues, but then people with no problems do not usually post, so hopefully someone using a wrapper of some sort will post.
R3C0N_BL1TZ 2014年4月7日 16時13分 
Ok thanks man. I think I'll just stick with my xbox 360 version tho lol :D
♥ Markey ♥ 2014年4月7日 16時23分 
Macs dont exsist on steam lol ♥♥♥♥♥♥
R3C0N_BL1TZ 2014年4月13日 19時57分 
J3X 2014年4月14日 0時44分 
You might be able to use Wine if it works for Macs.
R3C0N_BL1TZ 2014年4月14日 13時00分 
Ok thanks J3X
Shiny 2014年4月14日 14時25分 
Your best bet would be to use Bootcamp, but you also need a copy of Windows for that. Next best thing would be Wine. I run Bootcamp and Steam through it on my iMac without any problems.
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