The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Shadowshinra 6 кві 2014 о 12:37
Weird moving shadow lines
I recently just noticed some very weird and basically immersion breaking Shadows, they are the things you see here , they are constantly moving too, I don't have any lighting or shadow mods on, nor any ENBS, although I've tried to get Stakado's Cinemascope, but all it does is crash the game on statup for no reason, but none of it's files are on my computer right now since I deleted them because it doesn't work, any help?
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Shadowshinra 6 кві 2014 о 18:15 
aaron 6 кві 2014 о 18:18 
Are your settings low? I had something like this when I didn't max the game out.

Now that I have a badass graphics card, I just play Skyrim maxed out with a bunch of mods 60 FPS at all times. I even have 4K rocks now :D

Oh yeah, you should try the 4K gritty rocks mod in the workshop. Might fix this issue.
Shadowshinra 6 кві 2014 о 18:32 
Nope, Maxed out, but just no HD Texture mods since it eats my mem usage.
Shadowshinra 7 кві 2014 о 8:09 
Alright, seemingly got that fixed, but now the shadows move ever so slightly as if they are grass or trees or something being blown in the wind, even if the shadow is a wall, is that just how it is in the game or is there something else I need to tweak?
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