DragonKiller597 2014年4月6日下午12:35
Quest "Trininty Restored". Its bugged for me :(
When i go to the gate after you accept the term for becoming a NightenGale, Kalirith just walks out of the cave. I tryed reinstaling the game and starting a new game i dont know how to fix it.You know how to fi it?
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Trigger 2014年4月6日下午12:40 
go back to her and make a save, then load that save. She should head back to the gate
Trigger 2014年4月6日下午12:41 
Also you might want to Verify Integrity of Game Cache
DragonKiller597 2014年4月6日下午2:20 
Game Cache?
Trigger 2014年4月6日下午2:28 
Right-click on Skyrim in your list of games> left-click-on Properties> left-click-on local files> left-click-on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE. if there is any missing info in your game-verify integrity will replace missing info.
Trigger 2014年4月6日下午2:49 
Do you have the Nexus Mod Manager
DragonKiller597 2014年4月6日下午4:02 
mmm no it uses 7-zip and when i use it it never works
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