DragonKiller597 6. huhti 12.35
Quest "Trininty Restored". Its bugged for me :(
When i go to the gate after you accept the term for becoming a NightenGale, Kalirith just walks out of the cave. I tryed reinstaling the game and starting a new game i dont know how to fix it.You know how to fi it?
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Trigger 6. huhti 12.40 
go back to her and make a save, then load that save. She should head back to the gate
Trigger 6. huhti 12.41 
Also you might want to Verify Integrity of Game Cache
DragonKiller597 6. huhti 14.20 
Game Cache?
Trigger 6. huhti 14.28 
Right-click on Skyrim in your list of games> left-click-on Properties> left-click-on local files> left-click-on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE. if there is any missing info in your game-verify integrity will replace missing info.
Trigger 6. huhti 14.49 
Do you have the Nexus Mod Manager
DragonKiller597 6. huhti 16.02 
mmm no it uses 7-zip and when i use it it never works
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