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Zuthandrapus (Lemons R Us) 2014年4月6日 12時16分
looking for good modeler for mod
hey there! i am making a mod that adds a pistol to Skyrim and i need someone to model the guns. there is 1 gun, email for 3-4 pictures and then you model it and it will have the person who wins username in the creators :) thanks i can only use a .nif file :( to do this follow the steps:
1. email
2. wait untill i reply
3 look at the images
4. make the model
5. texure the model
6. export to .NIF
7. email me the file and your username
8. wait for me to finish the mod
9. carry on with life (but if your like me and you dont have a life get a wine glass fill it with milk and dunk cookies in there and feed you dog the cookies covered in milk)
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2014年4月6日 12時22分 
so uh.....who would be making this mod again?...
Zuthandrapus (Lemons R Us) 2014年4月6日 12時25分 
KL Master Dan StormCats の投稿を引用:
so uh.....who would be making this mod again?...
me, i just want someone to model the gun
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