Metroid 6 Kwi - 8:53
Dark Elf, Nord or Imperial?
What should I choose, Dark Elf, Imperial, or Nord? (I might become a vampire, not sure though)
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hedgie_yozh 6 Kwi - 9:04 
Skillwise it's not really going to matter. Philosophy-wise, I have a hard time rationalizing Stormcloak Dunmer, but it's possible to be sure; my first character was. Depends on what you are in the mood for.
The Doctor 6 Kwi - 9:10 
Dark Elf. Definatly
Well, after hearing a dozen different opinions, cycling through the entire collection of races in the game, I think whoever you choose would be who you have on your mind anyway, so lemme save you the hasstle and just say go for it...Khajiit is a good choice, Metroid, well done! :D
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hedgie_yozh 6 Kwi - 9:25 
If you want to become a vampire or go to Solstheim relatively early to mid game, the Dunmer fire resist comes in very handy.

LOL dan.
Lord Noob of Noobshire 6 Kwi - 9:35 
Can depend if you're going male or female. If female, I'd say Breton; if male, who gives a ♥♥♥♥? ^^
hedgie_yozh 6 Kwi - 9:42 
What the crap does gender have to do with anything?
Afro_Sama 6 Kwi - 9:49 
Dunmer for sure
Metroid 6 Kwi - 10:02 
I guess im choosing Dark Elf then.
hedgie_yozh 6 Kwi - 10:05 
Peahatche 6 Kwi - 10:26 
I've always liked Bretons for their magic resist, very usful for a slow moving tank v's mage, wish all shield blocked a bit of incoming magic and definatly the ice spikes
ogoun 6 Kwi - 10:26 
Rick_is_Life 6 Kwi - 10:31 
I don't like people with point ears. I would pick a Nord.
[TBC]Radioactivman 6 Kwi - 11:01 
Nord !
Stania 6 Kwi - 13:32 
If you're a Dunmer you'll overcome your fire weakness, but if you're a Nord you'll be immune to frost.
SpeedFreak 6 Kwi - 14:41 
Take also in consideration what you'll do with the war (not important I know) I never feeled that comfortable as a dunmer or Imperial residing with the stormcloacks.
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