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Metroid 2014年4月6日 8時53分
Dark Elf, Nord or Imperial?
What should I choose, Dark Elf, Imperial, or Nord? (I might become a vampire, not sure though)
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hedgie_yozh 2014年4月6日 9時04分 
Skillwise it's not really going to matter. Philosophy-wise, I have a hard time rationalizing Stormcloak Dunmer, but it's possible to be sure; my first character was. Depends on what you are in the mood for.
The Tardis In Tamriel 2014年4月6日 9時10分 
Dark Elf. Definatly
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2014年4月6日 9時23分 
Well, after hearing a dozen different opinions, cycling through the entire collection of races in the game, I think whoever you choose would be who you have on your mind anyway, so lemme save you the hasstle and just say go for it...Khajiit is a good choice, Metroid, well done! :D
最近の変更は[KL] Master Dan [StormCats]が行いました; 2014年4月6日 9時23分
hedgie_yozh 2014年4月6日 9時25分 
If you want to become a vampire or go to Solstheim relatively early to mid game, the Dunmer fire resist comes in very handy.

LOL dan.
Lord Noob of Noobshire 2014年4月6日 9時35分 
Can depend if you're going male or female. If female, I'd say Breton; if male, who gives a ♥♥♥♥? ^^
hedgie_yozh 2014年4月6日 9時42分 
What the crap does gender have to do with anything?
Afro_Sama 2014年4月6日 9時49分 
Dunmer for sure
Metroid 2014年4月6日 10時02分 
I guess im choosing Dark Elf then.
hedgie_yozh 2014年4月6日 10時05分 
Peahatche 2014年4月6日 10時26分 
I've always liked Bretons for their magic resist, very usful for a slow moving tank v's mage, wish all shield blocked a bit of incoming magic and definatly the ice spikes
ogoun 2014年4月6日 10時26分 
Rick_is_Life 2014年4月6日 10時31分 
I don't like people with point ears. I would pick a Nord.
Radioactivman 2014年4月6日 11時01分 
Nord !
Stania 2014年4月6日 13時32分 
If you're a Dunmer you'll overcome your fire weakness, but if you're a Nord you'll be immune to frost.
SpeedFreak 2014年4月6日 14時41分 
Take also in consideration what you'll do with the war (not important I know) I never feeled that comfortable as a dunmer or Imperial residing with the stormcloacks.
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