The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

get rid of mouse courser pop up
when i alt tab skyrim and come back in sometimes i always keep geeting my mouse courser on there and its freaking annoying please i hope there is a mod to stop that from poping up cause it is the worse to have it
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That's the first time I ever heard of.

If that problem occurs every time you alt/tab out then don't alt/tab out ever again to avoid that problem.
Pause the game first. Problem fixed.

I wish there was a mod that removed gaming consoles from Earth...but I think I'll be waiting a long time for that one to come out :P
Pause the game first. Problem fixed.

I wish there was a mod that removed gaming consoles from Earth...but I think I'll be waiting a long time for that one to come out :P
I'm wwith you Dan. I am on the floor laughing with you not at you. My first gaming console was an Atatri 2600.. From then on it was PC all the way for me. I played around with some other consoles, but PC became my prime choice hardware to play on. Commodore VIC 20, C64, First intel 8086 processor in an IBM machine. Learn to program on the VIC20 and C64. Went on to learn Basic and a little machine language coding For Commodore Business Machines. Learned some COBOL, then "C", C++, etc.. If I was building consoles back then I would not have learned as much as I did in those early years and never have found how much more A real PC can do.
Under the hood of the console now a days in a dumb down PC, without the external controls and the ability to improve it's innards. What you get it what you get. In 6 months it is a hasbeen. A full Pc can be upgraded, modded and improved, with new parts(better vid card, more memory, faster CPU. etcc...) where the console is stuck like chuck in the no where lane.
Alkpaz 2014年4月6日下午8:17 
I dunt own no stinkin console, although I do have 2 handhelds, do them count?
i've had that problem before. Whenever i alt-tabbed out, occasionally when i alt-tabbed back in, the game would have my cursor onscreen as well. I solved it by moving my cursor when i alt-tabbed back in the first time (I have to alt-tab twice to skyrim to get back into the game) until it disappears then alt-tab again.
★Kelvy★ 2014年4月6日下午8:19 
Nexus for bug fix
BillyBobJenkins 2014年4月6日下午11:19 
i also forgot to mention that when i click skyrim it sometimes does that
0laf_. 2014年4月7日上午12:00 
just pause the game man and then alt tab out i do this all the time and dont have any problems with mouse cursor popping up in game i always open console first and then alt tab out of the game.
R.Ptel 2016年5月10日下午9:59 
I'm a little late to the party but when your at the main title screen after launching the game from steam, try hitting ctl + alt + delete then press cancel. When you get brought back to the title screen the second (desktop) mouse should be gone. Start the game you should get no mouse curser pop ups anuymore. I tested it in game for about 15 minutes and no pop ups in the edges of the screen occuresd at all. Sorry in advance if anyone reads this and has questions that I do not reply to. I have been drinking and found this solution just now. Will probably forget that I posted this but figured I should at least try to do a good deed before I go to bed. Good luck and cheers!
Lucky_Noob 2016年5月11日上午4:06 
the Mod "one Tweak" solves that Problem
Lord Tachanka 2016年5月11日上午11:29 
press alt than hit the windows button after that reopen the skyrim window it works 100 percent
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