ke1thgi11ie37 4月5日上午5:33
findin solstheim
I was wondering how would i go about getting to Solstheim in skyrim
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Ilja 4月5日上午5:35 
Play the main quest, until you attacked by cultists. You will find a note from one of them that launches a quest to get there. Mission starts quite early.
BloodFireIce 4月5日上午5:40 
They approach you in first city/village you go to after you been to High Hrothgar the first time and talked to the greybeards.

OR you could go windhelm and take the boat there anyway, but that wont start the dragonborn quest.
ke1thgi11ie37 4月5日下午6:46 
have approached one of the boats in Windhelm but only get the offer of finding errant crewmembers. The other boat seems to be permanently unnoccupied. Is there anything i need to download to get there.
AfteRliFe 4月5日下午7:01 
You need the Dragonborn DLC.
最后由 AfteRliFe 编辑于; 4月5日下午7:01
ke1thgi11ie37 4月5日下午9:27 
how do I get the dragonborn DLC
wowszer 4月5日下午9:38 
Order it on Steam, but I suggest buying the Legendary Edition, or Anthology Edition. Both can be bought at stores as well. Either way expect a big download session from Steam. And if money is a concern wait for Summer sale or spot sale. Visit Steam store regularly, they usually are for a short time.
Alkpaz 4月6日上午12:22 
too many pandas!!!
AfteRliFe 4月6日上午7:44 
引用自 ke1thgi11ie37
how do I get the dragonborn DLC
You have to buy it, it's 19,99€.
ke1thgi11ie37 4月17日上午12:09 
thanks guys have made arrangements to buy it when finances allow
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