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Monigote Apr 2, 2014 @ 4:56am
Tips about my build
Hello. I just started this huge game , and I'm somewhat saturated on that or not ride . I've been looking for , and it seems that there are 81 skill points to distribute .

I also read something that then can become legendary , but not clear to me if there is any way to get more skill points.

So I found this calculator and have shared the points as I thought it was better. Could anyone advise me if I left some important skill I have gained some or unnecessary ? Not sure if it is better to carry mace, sword or ax or juggernaut if necessary up to 5 or just 1 , for example.

Here's the link to the build.

My idea of ​​character is a bit of everything, without any magic . one-handed weapon and shield for when things get rough or need defense, great weapon to do more damage . Bow for a change the style of play and heavy armor ... Well , as to hold more xD

Alchemy and Enchanting because I have seen all the guides that are the most useful .

Thanks in advance and forgive my English, is not my natural language.
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Avatar Apr 5, 2014 @ 5:29pm 
To get to level 81 you have to get each skill to 100 so that would mean you would have to use magic even if you never put a perk into it. That said you do not have to spend your perks when you level up and can save them for the skills you like or use the most. One thing I like to do is use parts of the skill tree perks only. For example with Smithing choose only one side to go up to get to the dragon perk, either light or heavy depending on what your character uses.

I agree with captsavarus about not using perks for both one handed and two handed weapons only pick one or the other to use with archery. You could even just put perks in archery and use the melee weapons without perks for close range. I find it best to choose only one weapon tree and only one armor type to put perks into. If your going to use two handed weapons or archery then don't put any perks into block since that is really only good for a one handed weapon with shield style of combat build.

It is possible to have every perk in every skill tree, but you have to be level 252 and that takes a very long time without cheating or using mods to boost your level. One thing that is nice about this game is that if you get a skill to 100 and have perks on it that you want back you can legendary it and get them back to use on skills you like better and can use that to your advantage like with smithing and enchanting that are easier to get back to 100 in. If you have made the best armor, upgraded it fully, and enchanted it with two enchantments, then you can legendary both smithing and enchanting to get those no longer needed perks back to use on new skills you want to try out.
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BelphegorATS Apr 5, 2014 @ 5:30pm 
Originally posted by cptsavarus:
Haha! (Because I know exactly where you're coming from)... You're thinking about it too much! I used to try to play just like that... Morrowind, Oblivion and now Skyrim. Never did find a way to make it entirely possible without modding or cheating.

My advice? Ditch the quest for technical perfection & role play the crap out of it instead! I must've played a hundred characters trying to build the perfect one but each time they'd get sidetracked by bonuses in skills I didn't want. It made levelling up no fun half the time & pretty much turned the whole experience into something it was never meant to be... a chore!

Now instead of playing just one character I play about a dozen at once, switching between them depending on what kind of mood I'm in. It gets a bit confusing at times remembering who's who, so I keep a short text file with each set of saves to remind me how that character behaves, what they like & don't like, how they think and how they interract with the world. It's kind of like writing parts for a play or a film. Great for exploring yourself too... all the facets of your personality that never see the light of day in the real world. It's amazing fun & I can't believe I played these games for so many years without indulging it.
To name a few I currently have a stone-cold female ninja / assassin, a male Saracen caravanner, a Conan-style barabarian, a secret-master wizard, a sleazy opportunist brigand / thief, a professional soldier, an elvish archer and a young, naive Nord girl who doesn't really know who she is.
They're all experts in something but none of them have to worry about being perfect all-rounders, since what they lack in one thing they make up for in another.

Alternatively, if you're dead set on the building methodology...
No point being an expert in one-handed AND two-handed weapons... ditch the two handed. Sure they deal more damage but a dual wield will outdo a two-hander most times while still leaving you room for play with a shield if & when you want one. Also two handed weapons are generally heavier than a dual wield, and slower on the attack so you're saving on encumbrance while speeding up your parry times.
With the 90 points you just saved, boost your Archery, One Handed and Heavy armour skills to 100 and split the remaining 10 points between Alchemy and Block.

Enchanting and Smithing are good, though Enchanting always strikes me as a bit of a one stop spend if you catch my meaning. Better to buy enchanted items if you can. I might knock a few points off it use them to tally alchemy or Block instead.
Personally I'd be inclined to trade Block for Sneak so as to keep the number of alternative methods low & easy to remember... Dual wield for close in or silent archer for long range single-shot kills.

Bottom line though, this is how I might play the character you're suggesting. How you play him is up to you. Most of all, just have fun & try not to let the seriousness of building get in the way of the enjoyment of the game. Wonder off the beaten track, look at branches & clouds & think about the guys who sat there creating them all, see the beauty in the game 'cos it's a real work of art... and don't be afraid to be rash & impulsive 'cos that's when the game will surprise you with something new.

cptsavarus raises some good points.

You can take skills you'd love to take, but sometimes the best playthroughs are ones where you create a character with skills that define who he or she is. For example, a berserker can be classified as a destructive fighter because he'll rely on two-handed weapons to cause maximum damage; he may also wish to excel in light armor for faster movement, or heavy armor for more defense. So the total number of skills a berserker would really require is two: two-handed and either light or heavy armor.
Having multiple character builds is also a good strategy to use when playing the game. I've made about ten of them, each with a specific purpose. Four were made for each of the faction quests, one to look at mods from the Steam Workshop, and the rest are for everything else (i.e. the three main quests, misc. quests, modded quests, the civil war with the Imperials, and dungeons). Unlike cptsavarus, however, I prefer to play each build one at a time until I've finished what their objective is. For instance, I began with my faction characters and completed the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood (Dark Brotherhood Resurrection mod included). I started the other two factions with the other two characters, but didn't complete either of them. Now I'm on one of my main characters.

So it doesn't really matter what kind of build you make as long as it defines who you want to be while playing. Do you wish to be a battlemage decked out in heavy armor with the power of magic and a two-handed sword for combat? Want to play as a rogue who steals valuable trinkets from people whose lives are also being stolan in the process? An assassin who fights for good without taking the lives of innocents? You decide! The world of Skyrim is massive! Pick a build you believe is right for you, or customize one to your liking. Nobody's going to criticize and make fun of you for selecting a unique build, even if it does raise some eyebrows because of how odd the character may be.
Bearded Dream Apr 5, 2014 @ 6:19pm 
There functionally are no builds in vanilla. You can max out all skills and acquire all perks. None of your decisions matter at any point in the entire game.

If you want your decisions to have any impact on gameplay then get Requiem. It will force you into actual decisions that will actually matter because without specializing you will die. It delevels the game. You might run into a draugr death overlord in bleak falls barrow. Dragons will be able to one shot you throughout the game and they will if you don't block or throw up a ward at the right time.
Monigote Apr 6, 2014 @ 8:27am 
Thanks you all a lot for the tips. Very helpful.

I've always had problems with games so open (Especially with Oblivion), and I happen to like you, cptsavarus. I always do 20 characters and drop to 10 or 15 other levels to other ideas that come to me or when I get bored of the character.

So I decided not to give more importance to the issue. Just do me a character and I will upload as the story unfolds.

I'll take a sword and a bow and I focus on enjoying the game instead of trying to create a perfect character.

Thanks again for your comments, very detailed and interesting.
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