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I lost my Skyrim stuff. Help
So, here's the background: My old Computer had a virus. i had to fix it and they Formatted everything. My Mod's, Savedata's and everything.

How do i get them back?

The mod's i have are very hard to find or either Remmember. and they are Dozen's of Mod's so it'l took me for a Week or wo to Get back up again.

Please help me how.

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They or you formatted it?
They. my previous one's were Formatted. when i did NOT Ask them to.

"Them" as in Repair shop or something.

That repair Cost 100$. and It's a waste
Ilja Mar 28, 2014 @ 8:26am 
Unless your saves were synced with the Steam cloud, then they are gone.

If these guys were fighting against a virus, and had even passing knowledge what they were doing, then they propably did several overwrites to your disk.

Sorry, but I believe there is nothing we can do to fix your saves.
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And so this means....I have to start over for what i did for the past few Years?

Steam realy need's to add a Feature's where you can save your stuff...

I lost some of the Greatest mod in Skyrim Modding community...

And i don't remmember the name of those Mod's.
Ilja Mar 28, 2014 @ 8:52am 
Originally posted by Oh How i Miss Skyrim.:
Steam realy need's to add a Feature's where you can save your stuff...

As said, they actually do have them for saves. Skyrim is one of those games that can sync with Steam and copy saves to cloud. I am playing with several characters, so I do not personally use it, though.

Still, if you lost all your mods and can't get them all back, your saves would have been busted anyway.

Start a new game, with smile on your face. I know that loosing a dear character is annoying, but sometimes restart can be even funnier than original game.
I know. but...I hate having to Remember my old Skyrim happy day's.

When ever i look at Skyrim picture's it reminds of my Old skyrim happy day's
gnewna Mar 28, 2014 @ 9:34am 
It's disappointing, but I am sure you can make a character that's even more fun. Maybe go for a completely different playstyle, e.g. if your last was a jack of all trades, go for a super-specialised stealth/illusion/backstab assassin who laughs at people who ask for his/her help...
Brandybuck Mar 28, 2014 @ 9:41am 
Originally posted by Oh How i Miss Skyrim.:
Steam realy need's to add a Feature's where you can save your stuff...
It's 2014 and people still don't backup their stuff?
Well i guest i can make a new one.
wfandrews54 Mar 28, 2014 @ 11:03am 
I'm with you Brandybuck, no one to blame but yourself OHIMS.
Steam realy need's to add a Feature's where you can save your stuff...
They do as pointed out above.

1. STEAM Cloud for backing up Save Games
2. STEAM Workshop for mods; which when subscribed, they will automatically download to your computer, even on new/fresh installs.

As for the computer technician, they should have told you that they would reformat your computer. However, for future reference, whenever you take in your computer to ANYONE expect them to format your harddrive.
Avatar Mar 28, 2014 @ 12:37pm 
If you have the DLC I have a mod that can help you with a new character build that has everything you need, spells, items, enchantments, etc. It even has a special potion you can use to increase your skills by 15 points for each potion you drink, so you can get to around the level you where before the hard drive problem.
Dragonborn Crafting Hall
If you do not have the DLC I have a potion mod for leveling you can use to at least get leveled up and not have to be at a low level again.
Potion of Ultimate Leveling[]
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Pretty much you lost everything. It is prize to formatting without backup data.
Ilja Mar 28, 2014 @ 1:01pm 
Let's all try to be supportive, shall we? Repeating the obvious isn't going to help.
JoshnPosh Mar 28, 2014 @ 5:12pm 
Originally posted by Oh How i Miss Skyrim.:
Well i guest i can make a new one.
Their are Plent of new classes you could try
Nobel Knight.
Vampire Assassin.
Paladin .

Or do what i did Play A few Sessions of D&D and Base your character after that.
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