The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

DecayWolf 2014年3月27日上午4:30
It will run on ultra? (Gear upgrade)
I'm thinking on upgrade my computer, I want to do it as cheaper as possible, because in my country I've to pay 3 times more than your guys, so it's expensive.

Currently gear.
CPU:Quadcore I7 870@ 2.93 GHz
GPU:GeForce 9800 GT
Mother Board:GA-H55M-S2HP
Memory: Kingstone 4GB 1333GHz Dual Channel

You guys can see, my build isn't anything great.
But I believe I can keep my currently CPU, since it's not thaaaaat bad, and memory almost doesn't make any difference at all. (I also have a virgin SSD 360GB, I'll use when I upgrade my machine, that will increase my performace.)

So I'm thinking to purchase a R9 280x or a R9 290x. But I'm pretty sure with this mother board I won't use the full power of my new GPU...
I don't know which mother I would buy, maybe a asus VI hero meximus? Dunno...

Should I buy this GPU or perhaps another? (So far it seems to be the cheapest and the most powerful GPU at the moment.)
Should I keep my currently mother board, or change into another? Which one?

Any suggestion will be much apreciated.

By the way, I'm currently playing on medium 1440x900, my goal is to reach ultra 1680x1050 or at least high with those settings.. (With mods, that boost graphics and require extra performace such warzone etc..)
So what you guys think?...
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DecayWolf 2014年3月27日上午7:02 
Up, I'm looking forward R9 290x, it's around 2.200, but there's only a single fan, that's not good enough at the moment... Overall the model 290x is 67% expensive for something about 20 - 30% more performance... Of course it's not the best cost benefit ,but looking on future I think it could worth the investment to make a crossfire at any point.

(I know what many of you guys are thinking, about my currently gear is not cappabled of doing a OC, but I'll upgrade each party slowly, so it will not be wasted.)

Or... I could just buy a 280x model, which has a triple fan and EVGA model, for just 1.300, and later I could put a dual of those, I just need to check compatibilities with mother board, which I haven't searched yet.

That's one reasons why I've open this thread... Anyway, give me a light guys. :)
Gusar 2014年3月27日上午7:17 
Bom dia DecayWolf! Tenho uma Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost e roda perfeitamente em 1920x1080 com ótima qualidade. É uma placa com ótimo custo benefício.
DecayWolf 2014年3月27日上午7:21 
Opa, bom dia. :)
Então, é que tipo, meu computador tem uns 4 - 5 anos que o comprei aproximadamente, queria comprar algo para durar disso para mais, se eu comprar uma r9 280x ou 290x, eu poderia simplesmente fazer dual posteriormente, e ter desempenho igual ou até mesmo superior das subseguintes dos próximso 5 anos... Então, seria extramamente vantajoso, olhando a longo prazo...

Eu só não entendo muito de compatibilidade de placa mãe e tal...
E qual seria o delimitante de gargalos e tal...
MageThis 2014年3月27日上午7:26 
I'd go with the Sapphire 280 Toxic edition:
Good value.

Your Mb only supports: "Ultimate graphics performance with PCI-E x16 2.0 interface"
X 1. Only 1 PCI-E x 16 2.0 slot.

Picture at:
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DecayWolf 2014年3月27日上午7:34 
Toxic is dream! Sadly there's no such in my country. (Or at least sell faster than I can track.)
So I'll have to go with evga or gigabyte, those are the only that I can find.

Overall I'm thinking to go with 280x. :)

Yeah, I'm thinking to change my MB, too old. Any suggestion? (Thinking on crossfire and OC.)
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MageThis 2014年3月27日上午10:34 
I prefer Intel Mobo and Intel CPU. Gigabyte and Asus Mobo are also decent. But, there are threads in hardware forums which may offer great advice. 280X is probably a good choice.
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DecayWolf 2014年3月27日上午10:38 
I've a huge problem here...
I've money to change my Mobo and my GPU at same time. But I haven't enough to change my CPU right now...

My currently CPU socket size is 1156, the modo that I though on purchase was a Fatal1ty Z87 Killer LGA 1150, not compatibled...

So, what I should do?... WTF I'm wanting to change my pc for like 4 months so far...
MageThis 2014年3月27日上午10:41 
Change GPU. Mobo and CPU at once.. later.
DecayWolf 2014年3月27日上午10:44 
Should I get Evga, Randeon or Gigabyte?
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