poleece Mar 26 @ 5:57pm
Graphical problem need help!
In my last game session, I was in a snowy part of the map and naturaly the graphics are some blury in those parts. But after I left those parts of the map, the blury effect didnt go away and I'm stuck with it. The blury effect is increasing to more and more blur. I have no mods installed and never changed any files of the game. Exited the game a couple of time and still got the problem, help please!

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I am sorry to say, but it just looks like dark cloudy weather. I didn't see much blur. Waiot till you have full sunshine and see if it doesn't look better and get back with us if still looks blurry to you.
poleece Mar 26 @ 6:08pm 
I thought someone would say that so I traveled all over map and took those shots and some are during daytime, believe me its not the weather. the graphics stay like that throughtout all day and everywhere, even in buildings and dungeons.
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poleece Mar 26 @ 7:59pm 
no I didnt try any mod! And I figuered its probably a bug cause my other characters are all normal. This bug has probably occured when I entered those snowy and windy parts of skyrim and when leaving, the effects kind of sticked around and now its just bugged. I suppose its one of those bugs there is no work-around for :/
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