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Why is skyrim so hard ?
I'm level 6 I'm trying to kill a troll and snow trolls . They are so hard to kill . Trolls one shot me . Please help
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Alkpaz 26 mrt 2014 om 2:07vm 
fight regular wolves instead.. lvl a bit then kill trolls.. or just pickpocket everyone in Riverwood n Whiterun (will be 100 pickpocket at that point) and put perks into fightin.. :P
Bob 26 mrt 2014 om 2:08vm 
Be patient, get stronger, avoid combat with an enemy you can't defeat.
Skyrimnut 26 mrt 2014 om 2:28vm 
Mounted combat is effective against trolls. They are rather slow. Use your horse to evade them as your shoot arrows from a safe distance. Weapons with fire enchantments are particularly effective against them. Taking down a troll is entirely possible at level 6 or less if you use your brain, not your brawn.
SpeedFreak 26 mrt 2014 om 2:34vm 
Or use Flames ... basic spell As for the remark pickpocket and use those perks in combat ... well you need a level in that perk tree to invest the perks so that's also not a real option ...
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Draaf fah Hahlor 26 mrt 2014 om 3:23vm 
You could reduce the difficulty in options.
DangerMouse 26 mrt 2014 om 3:31vm 
Just dont fight trolls till your better. Or get some more combat options. I find the fire rune spell softens them up nicely and paralysis poison puts them down for a few vital seconds of hacking
Ilja 26 mrt 2014 om 3:38vm 
While enemies do level with the player, Skyrim is not a status quo game. Some enemies will get you running at low levels. Other enemies fill the sky with fire that incinerates even high level characters.

Still, the general consensus seems to be that Skyirm is too easy and amount of money vs. the need to use it is completely off the scale.

Be patient. First run is about adventure. Enemies an locations are new and exciting. You will occasionally get mauled in pieces, but that only keeps you on your toes, while exploring ruins and dungeons in the wilderness.

About your question:
Run. Run! Ruuuuuuuun....!

That was my solution, when I first encountered a snow troll; ran all the way down from the mountain to get someone to help me. Now I am playing with the highest difficulty and damn furball does note even manage to scratch my low level character.
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SFA | Kafei 26 mrt 2014 om 3:40vm 
Possibly because your only lvl 6!
MageThis 26 mrt 2014 om 5:38vm 
Running is good exercise. Also, don't forget you don't have to outrun the Snow Troll, you just have to outrun your followers.
Maxz85 26 mrt 2014 om 5:57vm 
Just level up. I possibly forgetting how hard it was to fight trolls as low-level character. Level 50, two spriting hits with Dragonbone sword and frost troll is dead.
Trigger 26 mrt 2014 om 6:08vm 
At level 6 RUN
Trigger 26 mrt 2014 om 6:37vm 
@Mage This, thanks for the morning giggle, you just gotta out run your followers
R.A.T. Army *MST3K* 26 mrt 2014 om 6:39vm 
Put it on Legendary, then complain.
istvan_v 26 mrt 2014 om 6:48vm 
At a low level, dual casting the flame spell works well, especially since frost trolls have increased vulnerability to fire damage. You do need a decent supply of magicka potions, however (they can easily be crafted from common ingredients like red mountain flowers and Mora Tapinella).
Seth_07 26 mrt 2014 om 6:48vm 
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I'm level 6 I'm trying to kill a troll and snow trolls . They are so hard to kill . Trolls one shot me . Please help

Skyrim hard? Oh god. Anyway you can change difficulty level.
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