Crowe Freighter Mar 24 @ 8:56pm
Breezehome stairs glitch for NPCs?
I notice NPCs I have in my Breezehome, Lydia for instance, would only stay on the 2nd floor of the house and would only move about within a lmiited area of the place (simply walking back and forth all the time). And for any NPC I had on the 1st floor, they'd just stand at the stairs landing and be stuck there. Is this a common bug where NPCs are unable to use the stairs in the house or is it just me?
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Ilja Mar 25 @ 1:38am 
It is a common bug. Lydia can actually bypass it, if you have SKSE and mod like Ultimate Follower Overhaul installed.

She does not seem to be doing it while you are watching - unless you told her to follow you while you both were standing upstairs -, but moves around the house while you are at sleep or outside. Sometimes she uses the stairs while you are working with alchemy table.
-iKraaZy- Mar 25 @ 2:09am 
I've had this problem once before, i just Fus Ro Dah Lydia down the stairs works for me:)

Untill i accidentally lost her in some Nordic Ruins, never saw her again, but then i recruited Kharjo, he's 100x better :))
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infinitedarkenergy Mar 25 @ 5:58am 
I've noticed the same with Lydia in my game. My other followers do follow me upstairs though.
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