Cambellar Mar 24, 2014 @ 5:47am
bleak falls sanctum door nor opening.
i just purchased skyrim legendary edition, and was playing nicely until i got to the bleak falls sanctum door, it starts to open then the loading screan appears with the level in the top corner and music and the smoke then the game crashes, i tried turning off the dlc and the same thing happened, i am running the game on the lowest graphics setting and i dont know what to do, i am quiet stuck.
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Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles Mar 24, 2014 @ 8:16am 
Any mods?
I had the same exact problem and it was one of my mods. But Beth has also said it is a normal bug that the community has fixed with the unofficial patches. Try the patch first , see if that helps.
Kelvy Mar 24, 2014 @ 2:00pm 
Put unofficial patches on and restart game since you are at the start, deactive mods add them after leaving Helgen(or alternate start if that mod is on)
Cambellar Apr 9, 2014 @ 12:06pm 
how do i put unoffical patches on? and no no mods i onlyhave the offical dlc on it
wowszer Apr 9, 2014 @ 1:11pm 
He means get them make sure they are turned on in Data Files. You can get them at the nexus site.
Ilja Apr 9, 2014 @ 1:17pm 
Links and instructions can be found from thread that is pinned at the front page of this forum.
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