Voodoo Mar 23, 2014 @ 1:52am
Welche Frau?/Which woman?
Ich weiss nicht welche Frau ich nehem soll.Gebt mir bitte einen Tipp welche gut ist.
I don´t know which woman I have to choose.Please give me tipps.
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gnewna Mar 23, 2014 @ 3:15am 
Do you mean wife (Frau can mean woman or wife, right? Long time since I studied German, I'm afraid!)? There are many available wives (and husbands, everybody in Skyrim seems to be bisexual) and you can find a list on UESP (the better Wiki for Elder Scrolls games, in my opinion) by googling "UESP skyrim marriage".

Most of them, you will have to help in some way, this might be something as easy as chopping wood for a lumber mill owner or as difficult as completing the whole Companions quest line. If they are available as a follower, they can still be your follower when you marry them. If not, they will stay either at your house or theirs (you choose) and usually set up a little business which brings in money (I think follower wives/husbands also do this, but only if you leave them at home.)

As for who makes a good wife, it depends what you want. Be warned that many of the more spirited potential spouses change personality after you marry them, it can be a bit strange when Lydia changes from being sarcastic about carrying your stuff to simpering over how bit and strong you are, especially when she then switches back to "I am sworn to carry your burdens..." when accompanying you as a follower. On the other hand, Ysolda from Whiterun or Camilla from Riverwood are both quite sweet and simpering to start with, so it makes more sense.
Voodoo Mar 23, 2014 @ 3:33am 
Ok thank you..and I mean wife hahaha^^
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