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ANKH Mar 22, 2014 @ 12:06am
Completed all of the guild and main quests. On level 43. What should I do now?
I'm a mage that has maxed out destruction. I dont think I have anything else to do you know? How do people keep finding ways to stay interested enough to reach level 100?
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MageThis Mar 22, 2014 @ 2:41am 
Murad Mar 22, 2014 @ 2:55am 
Even though you've completed a ton of stuff in the main and guild quest, there's ton of other quest as well, if you talk to people in the DawnStar about the house that burnt down, you automatically get a quest. Or you could try a different skill build. For example, I started out my character as a heavy armor class, with little to no magic influences, but now, I'm a stealthy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ who goes around stabbing people when they least expect it, and also being able to conjure astronachs and even enchant some of the best smithed weapons. I mean it's really dependent on what do you want to do. You can just go around exploring, or enjoying the environment. I once have played over 100 hours before, and that was to get the ebony armor for my character, but it's only the start, there's tons of things left for you to do.
Yes there seems to be over a hundred more side quest to do and places to find if you don't fast travel around. I have over 750 hours on my present character. I still keep finding new places I have yet visited and new quest to complete.
~Ren~ Mar 22, 2014 @ 3:49am 
I like to explore, pick a spot on the horizon and just go there, see what you come across on the way, sometimes it's bandits, wolves, bears, sabre tooth cats, vampires, giants, etc.

Try a new character build and only focus on specific skills.
gnewna Mar 22, 2014 @ 5:17am 
Doesn't help you on this character, but I've always played in such a way that I've pretty much done everything I want to do on a character by about level 40-45. This time, I've spent my first thirty or so levels mostly adventuring around, delving into random caves, wandering the Reach, and doing side quests.

The only 'questline' stuff I've done is Under Saarthal and visiting the Greybeards for the first time (I'm using Skyrim Unbound so that skips the stuff up to where the Greybeards yell at you from the Throat of the World (makes it so you don't know anything of being Dragonborn until you kill your first dragon and that sets off their summons) and I've joined the Companions but they're modded so I have to do a lot more jobs for them between stages (I think it's about 7 including one for each Circle member before the Trial). I've also bought a house (Honeyside) and married Jenassa, befriended a few followers in various parts of Skyrim and got some nice gear (lucky finds, like an ebony sword back at about level 7 when I first went to Solstheim). Now my character is nearly ready to start on the main quest, get on with College stuff, join up with the Stormcloaks (as a Dunmer...) and whatnot. I'm also planning to do Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

I really think it's working a lot better to do it this way - I've also done a lot less fast travel than I usually do, so I've seen all kinds of places I've never discovered before, found a few word walls I've never found before, etc, and I've still got all the big stuff yet to come :D
Brandybuck Mar 22, 2014 @ 9:28am 
Originally posted by ANKH:
I'm a mage that has maxed out destruction. I dont think I have anything else to do you know?
How about maxing out Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion, and Restoration as well?

I "finished" my first character at level 43 or so, but since then it's been at least level 60 before I start a new character. My highest has been 72 without using legendary skills.

I would suggest starting a new character:

* Plan the character build, or have some idea in mind. Such as pure mage, non-combat thief, or magic-less warrior (not even enchants). Or maybe your character has some goals s/he wants to attain, like all nine dragonpriest masks, master of five magics, etc. Or perhaps some eccentric quirk, such as only using unarmed combat, or being a total pacifist, or avoiding adventures (Nordrick), etc.

* Explore. Really! There's so much stuff out there to find, some of it adventurous and some of it not. Do not fast travel. Do not take a carriage to any city you haven't walked to first. Head cross country. Have you discovered the mammoth frozen in the glacier? All of the missing college apprentices? You can't do without the map, but you can do without the quest markers. So turn off the quest markers and only use the map for navigation.

* Role-play. This is an RPG not a FPS. Due to a quirk of gaming history, too many people think "RPG" mean roll-playing game. It's not, it's role-playing. Act out your character, do not let him do what he would not want to do. Is he good or evil or charitable or greedy? Is he law abiding or does he follow his own code? What qualities does he look for in a spouse? In adopted children? What does he do for a living? Eat/drink/sleep mods are good for this, they don't have to be complicated, just enough so that you're roleplaying.

* Don't let your quest log build up. If you accept a quest, go do that quest before accepting another. Sometimes quests get thrust at you, especially guild quests, but try to keep the list short. If you tell the Jarl that you're going to clear out some bandits, then head out in the morning to clear them out. The exception is the main quest, see next.

* Finally, don't rush through the main quest. When you've defeated Alduin it feels like you've finished the game, so put that off as long as you can. There's several spots where you're trying to find out some information, so roleplay it like it's taking time. Don't rush off to the next phase. If the Greybeards want you to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, don't make a beeline for Ustengrave, roleplay like you're trying to find out where it is. Head to one of the libraries first to roleplay researching it.
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Oli Dude Mar 22, 2014 @ 10:04am 
erm finished skyrim years ago why do i stil play it easy sames as the other elder scrol games MODS - add contents armour graphic enhancements- immersive saturation boost and real lighting makes the game feel completely different - then add high level NPC for vanilla n dawngaurd OMG! - now if yr rig can handle it add populated cities and etac (nexus only) OMG!!!
Mog Mar 22, 2014 @ 10:17am 
Put the "role" back in RPG. Determine a personality and life-style for your character. Are you a burly Orc with no time for man's petty problems, or are you a loud-mouthed Nord with a pension for getting drunk and starting fights? Perhaps something entirely different?

How you do it is more important than what you're doing. RPG's are more than "Pick up quest, do quest, turn in quest, next quest".
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