-WoT- Warder Mar 20 @ 4:36am
Safe Dawnguard Storage?
Does anyone know if there is a container that will not respawn on you in Dawnguard?

I am playing a character that wants to ultimately stay off the grid. A safe container in dawnguard would be awesome.
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gnewna Mar 20 @ 4:46am 
I think my first DG character collected up all the food in the fort and stored it all in the sacks near the cooking pot and that never seemed to respawn, but I'm not sure I was gone long enough for it to have done so. A quick google suggests that the fort does NOT have safe storage, though. That said, if you make sure to go back every 7 or 8 days, you should be okay (longer if it's a 30 day respawn, not sure which it is.) Best thing might be to test it by putting some stuff somewhere, fast travelling to a different area of the map, waiting 10x24 and then 30x24 hours (switch off any mods like frostfall or RND) and going back to see if it's still there. (Or would it be 11 and 31?)
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Just store it somewhere other than Dawngaurd. Then if you need you only have to go back there. May be time consuming but safer.
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