Holidaymonster666 Mar 17 @ 4:36pm
1 file in skyrim game cache not verifying.
I keep getting glitches in Skyrim. My character keeps swimming on land when near water and the screen flashes. Also some NPCs have erradic behavoir.
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That one file isn't important. It just resetting your video menu options. It does it to everyone. Do you have any new mods installed (or any mods)? Sounds ;like a mod conflict.
Holidaymonster666 Mar 17 @ 4:44pm 
I have no mods installed. Im using my a gaming rig i just build. Drivers are up to date and steam is up to date as well. All my other games work fine in Steam. I dont understand why the game would be behaving this way. I thought it may be my GPU settings but i dont see how that would be a problem.
Try using the unofficial skyrim patches from Nexus.
On another thought what is youe FPS at?
If above 60 then that could also cause you vid problkems.
Holidaymonster666 Mar 17 @ 4:48pm 
How do i check my frame rates? never had to do that before.
I use a program called FRAPS. There are many others.
Holidaymonster666 Mar 17 @ 4:52pm 
okay ill check
Trigger Mar 17 @ 8:37pm 
In your Skyrim Data File-two down from play, your load order should look as follow: Dawnguard.esm, Hearthfires.esm and then Dragonborn.esm. That's if you have the Full Game.if you do not have any D.L.C.'s then it will not open at all, unless there is a mod in your Skyrim Data File
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