JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 43분
Hi, ive never played this before ever! but i like the look of it! i was looking for a lord of the rings type game but they all look awful. is it true you can pick your characters name and he can be like an elf? ect...?
Also are there like missions/objectives?
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 45분 are in the right place.

Not only that, but you can download mods into this game of LORD OF THE RINGS SWORDS N STUFF TOO!
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 46분 
Really? awesome! would love more info on the game though!?
Mythic 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 53분 
You can marry animals in the PC version w/ console commands.
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 54분 
hahaha interesting fact.
is there missions? or objectives? are there like "bosses"
Mythic 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 57분 
In general, with no mods, you have about 300+ hours of gameplay. Mods just add up.
In Side Quests you get dungeons you have to clear, all containing some sort of boss or difficult enemy. There's multiple factions - all with their own questline. You can get married. You can own homes, etc. tbh any Bethesda game is 100% worth your money.
Mr.Hmm 2014년 3월 17일 오후 2시 59분 
There are but the missions are entirely optional, meaning you can just say "screw the missions i am gonna go hunt a animal".

Even if we do tell you some information, playing the game and reading reviews/information about it are 2 entirely different things
My suggestion is this: Buy Skyrim Legendary Edition its worth every money you spent on it :) plus you pay less than buying the game and dlc seperate
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 04분 
what do i get the legendary edition?
thanks guys|!!
Mythic 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 05분 
Legendary Edition includes all Skyrim DLC's, which if bought seperately would probably cost you about 60 bucks.
Mr.Hmm 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 05분 
^ what he said
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 06분 
so what exactly do the mods add?
Mr.Hmm 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 08분 
Most of them additional content. The most important however fixes bugs bethestha were too lazy to fix + enchance content.

My suggestion is to try the game whitout mods first then if you feel like it add mods :)
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 10분 
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 14분 
last question before i buy! can you use the mouse? also are the controls for pc good?
JoshBrady 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 21분 
are the pc controls easy to use?
la_nague 2014년 3월 17일 오후 3시 22분 
you can use mouse, the controls are good. You can play 1st person or 3rd person, both are equally good in this game. mouse has no problems, i play first person and control is like an ego shooter.

only the menu is very consoleish, but there is the mod SkyUI, which replaced the menus with PC versions.

I think you should know that an elf in this game doesnt look like a lotro elf, but maybe there is a mod for that.

This game....You create a character and then you are put into a northern country.
It has several cities, multiple factions and guilds, it also has an ongoing story.
But you can do what you like. You can follow the story, you can join factions or you can scout the land on your own, it has secrets everywhere.
You can go into a city and talk with people and they will give you rumors or quests.
or you can murder everyone and steal all their stuff.
You can help the kingmayors get their city in order, or you can join like a thievesguild and cause havoc.

Up to you.
There is a reason why this game has been in steam bestellers TOP10 for 2 years nonstop.

actually, i just looked, there seems to be mods that add lotr elves as a race, but the mod site is down, so i cant see how good the mods are.
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