spare_3 Mar 16 @ 4:09pm
Why when i pull lever to drop down bridge...and i try to cross it...i can't...i keep falling THROUGH the bridge??
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Trigger Mar 16 @ 5:39pm 
Whirlwind across it, that's a shout you should have
Envy Mar 16 @ 5:42pm 
Which bridge first of all? (Sorry if its obvious i am too lazy to remember :D)
Gigante Padre Mar 16 @ 6:02pm 
You could always use the consol.
Adura Mar 16 @ 6:05pm 
Originally posted by Darkarhon:
Which bridge first of all? (Sorry if its obvious i am too lazy to remember :D)
Sounds like...thief's guild entrance bridge, maybe?

No idea.

If it's that messed up, it might be an effect of a mod that wasn't properly made.
spare_3 Mar 17 @ 6:53pm 
its after you enter a "room/cave"...two guys come to fight you (there is a "camp fire" on right). after beating them, there is a drawbridge up on your left. you have to skip it...go up into another room, flip a lever...come back out and then cross bridge....
hedgie_yozh Mar 17 @ 7:04pm 
Sounds like Embershard mine maybe?
spare_3 Mar 17 @ 7:14pm 
don't know...but after i put the game on MEDIUM textures (down from HIGH), i was able to cross.
hedgie_yozh Mar 17 @ 7:22pm 
OK, glad you got it sorted. if it is Embershard the only glitch i can think it would be is if you came in the back rather than the front, but it doesn't sound like you did. Sometimes also if you try raising and lowering the bridge again it'll fix issues.
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