Sketch_is_Random Mar 16 @ 3:32pm
Game crashes
My skyrim crashes everytime i launch it with skse, it has been for awhile. it never gets to the bethesda logo. should i reinstall skyrim or is just a simple update thats needed?
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El Presidente Miku Mar 16 @ 3:47pm
download this and let it sort your modloadorder
LordCorpseKiller Mar 16 @ 3:49pm 
You are opening with skse link and not the Skyrim one?
BlackJack Mar 16 @ 4:01pm 
are you using any mods?
Sketch_is_Random Mar 16 @ 5:55pm 
yes to i have mods and yea im opening it with skse
Sketch_is_Random Mar 16 @ 6:00pm 
i tried using boss but the only games it shows is fallout 3 and new vegas
BlackJack Mar 16 @ 9:38pm 
ENB's often couse problems for me, are you using one?
BlackJack Mar 16 @ 9:40pm 
If you aren't, I'd simply try a SKSE re-install, and if that doesn't work, try verifying your game data.

To do that just right-click TESV in your steam library, click properties, then go local files
THE BLACK DWARF Mar 16 @ 11:26pm 
try removeing any mods you have ( if you use them ) or renstal skse ( or update thats what i did when i had that problem 0
Dick Whiskey Mar 16 @ 11:29pm 
Sometimes BOSS can't find Skyrim until you use the main launcher.
LordCorpseKiller Mar 17 @ 8:40am 
Nexus mod manager is pretty good at chaging order for launch. I think that it also works for mods not downloaded from the nexus website.
LW6W Mar 17 @ 8:54am 
I recomend tes5edit it will run through your load order and tell you what's messed up:
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xXx_Pu$$yS1AyErrr_xXx Mar 17 @ 8:03pm 
if you have downloaded any mod's at all it might be one with a "bad script", just unsubscribe to any mod you have just downloaded too..
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