Cryptic 2014年3月15日下午4:25
deleteing 1.9
does anyone know how to delete patch 1.9. i dont care if it deletes my saves i just want to delete it
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Rip Van Winkle X 2014年3月15日下午4:28 
I have no idea. But may I ask why?
Cryptic 2014年3月15日下午4:33 
because i want to do the oghma infinum glitch
Exonical 2014年3月15日下午4:37 
If you're that desperate to cheat, surely you could just console commands- or even find a mod for this?
Cryptic 2014年3月15日下午4:39 
yea but if i cheat i wont be able to get achievments and i dont like using mods
Keboose 2014年3月15日下午4:56 
Using console commands does not invalidate your achievements. See:
Cryptic 2014年3月15日下午4:57 
oh ok
Cryptic 2014年3月15日下午4:58 
Thaeden 2014年3月15日下午4:59 
the thought of using cheats even ruins the character immersion for me.
Thaeden 2014年3月15日下午4:59 
but, to each their own
Dr. Shocks . DO 2014年3月15日下午5:11 
Umm, you can't go back a version. STEAM only has the most up to date version.
Cryptic 2014年3月15日下午5:14 
but what about the files
Cat 2014年3月15日下午5:20 
Using the in-game console command does not stop you from getting achievements
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Incunabulum 2014年3月15日下午8:12 
引用自 Touch my pwner
the thought of using cheats even ruins the character immersion for me.

Not me, though the thought of using cheats/glitches to get *achievements* blows my mind.

If the point is not to brag to others that you got them, then what *is* the point of achievement hunting?
corrosivechains 2014年3月15日下午8:45 
I just downloaded the mod that unlocks all achievements and quit worrying about them and had fun actually playing the game, but that's me
itis4u 2014年3月15日下午8:49 
isnt exploiting glitches cheating anyway
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