⊿◤☪ryptic★ 15. maalis 16.25
deleteing 1.9
does anyone know how to delete patch 1.9. i dont care if it deletes my saves i just want to delete it
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Rip Van Winkle X 15. maalis 16.28 
I have no idea. But may I ask why?
⊿◤☪ryptic★ 15. maalis 16.33 
because i want to do the oghma infinum glitch
Exonical 15. maalis 16.37 
If you're that desperate to cheat, surely you could just console commands- or even find a mod for this?
⊿◤☪ryptic★ 15. maalis 16.39 
yea but if i cheat i wont be able to get achievments and i dont like using mods
Keboose 15. maalis 16.56 
Using console commands does not invalidate your achievements. See:

⊿◤☪ryptic★ 15. maalis 16.57 
oh ok
⊿◤☪ryptic★ 15. maalis 16.58 
Touch my pwner 15. maalis 16.59 
the thought of using cheats even ruins the character immersion for me.
Touch my pwner 15. maalis 16.59 
but, to each their own
Dr. Shocks . DO 15. maalis 17.11 
Umm, you can't go back a version. STEAM only has the most up to date version.
⊿◤☪ryptic★ 15. maalis 17.14 
but what about the files
GhostMotleyX 15. maalis 17.20 
Using the in-game console command does not stop you from getting achievements
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Incunabulum 15. maalis 20.12 
Touch my pwner lähetti viestin:
the thought of using cheats even ruins the character immersion for me.

Not me, though the thought of using cheats/glitches to get *achievements* blows my mind.

If the point is not to brag to others that you got them, then what *is* the point of achievement hunting?
corrosivechains 15. maalis 20.45 
I just downloaded the mod that unlocks all achievements and quit worrying about them and had fun actually playing the game, but that's me
Smile n Fire 15. maalis 20.49 
isnt exploiting glitches cheating anyway
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