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Santalator 2014年3月15日 14時00分
Skyrim not working For Windows 8.1
Is this only me Because my skyrim always crashes when i start it up.
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2014年3月15日 14時32分 
no it's not just you. It's a common issue now
Santalator 2014年3月15日 14時34分 
Ok im trying to get Bethseda to fix it but they wont listen and thanks for helping
Ilja 2014年3月15日 14時34分 
Does it crash straight after Bethesda logo? In that case you most likely have one or mode mod(s) without parent mods.

Edit: So Skyrim is crashing with win 8.1? Good to know.
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Santalator 2014年3月15日 14時35分 
Yes it does and i got rid of most Mods.
Santalator 2014年3月15日 14時36分 
It started crashing RIGHT after i updated windows.
Ilja 2014年3月15日 14時38分 
Switzolator の投稿を引用:
It started crashing RIGHT after i updated windows.

I didn't knew that. Microsoft has a habit of messing up any other version of Windows they come up with, so I installed Win 7 to my newest computer.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2014年3月15日 14時46分 
I'm just about to install win 7 in 2 weeks' time. Not touching 8 or 8.1 update at all...
Santalator 2014年3月15日 14時54分 
Can I install normal windows 8 instead of 8.1
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 2014年3月15日 14時58分 
sure, but sounds like you need some help. in RL....
Santalator 2014年3月15日 14時59分 
how do i open the whole reply?
Im a noob
Bob 2014年3月15日 15時02分 
Well, I have W8.1 since Oct 2013, and have never had a Skyrim issue thus far, or any other game. I know by reading a few of these Windows 8.1 threads that I'm not alone.
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Santalator 2014年3月15日 15時04分 
And i just got Dragonbone armor when it stopped working. :(
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2014年3月15日 16時06分 
I'll stick with win7 until the day I die.
speoples26 2014年3月15日 20時40分 
the best thing to do is try opening OS-Cdrive-program x86-steam-steam apps-common-skyrim- skyrim.exe. i do that and it works for me no crashes or anything.
Santalator 2014年3月17日 13時57分 
and how do i do that?
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