anonsun Mar 14 @ 5:27am
Marked for dead.
I was always used MfD shout with my friend everytime i ran past them.I want to know that MfD effect is patched or not.Are there any mods that can fix this.Thanks.
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Dragoon Mar 14 @ 6:23am 
You mean one of the bugs mentioned at the bottom of this page?
anonsun Mar 14 @ 4:52pm 
anonsun Mar 15 @ 3:21am 
No sorry I mean permanent armor reduce bug.
bobczes Mar 15 @ 4:46am 
"The shout reduces the armor of followers permanently, making them very weak for the rest of the game. With the console command "getav damageresist" and "restoreactorvalue damageresist <number>" you can get and restore the armor rating of your marked follower."

This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
anonsun Mar 15 @ 5:32am 
Thanks.I started this topic because I want to know that official patch already fixed this bug or not.Why modder make a bug fix instead of devoloper.Will unofficial patch make the game crash if I uninstall it?
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