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Dawnguard or Vampires ?
This was originally a response to another thread, but I did not want to sidetrack so I thought I would start my own.

--Responses don't have to be about my mod, but can be about the title "Dawnguard or Vampires". The discussion alone may give me some ideas to implement.


I like Dawnguard, as I always take the moral path. But I know a lot of people prefer Vampires over Werewolves and/or the Dawnguard.

So I want to ask ppl who like Vampires, can they list why the Vampires are better than the Dawnguard/Werewolves?
I'm working on a mod that adds a "Dawnguard" Merchant in Riften to help make fighting Vamps/Monsters more viable [especially needed when using the mod SuperNatural AI]

Best thing I can do is if you give an idea that I use or I can implement, then I will list you as a source in my Mod's credits. My mod will be called "The Dawnguard Brotherhood".
My modding skills are still limited [and so is my time]; so I can't/won't implement everything.

==Preview of what I have thus far==
-Adds sword that deals double the damage to Vampires
-Adds Crossbow that deals 60 pnts of Sun damage ONLY to Vampires
-Adds new "Silver Bow" that deals "Silver Dmg Boost" and 10 pnts Sun damage to Vamps/Werebeasts/Vamps
-Potions which give resistance to player against Vamp/Werebeasts/Undead melee attack for a specific duration [this is actually pretty cool!].
-Potion which gives the player "nighteye" for 60s
-Amulet that gives the player 10% dmg resistance against Werebeasts/Undead/Vamps
-New "Silver Based" ingredients that allow the player to craft new poisons that deal effects only to Werebeasts/Vamps/Undead
-New Support Spells like: "Cure Disease" and "Spell that fortify HP/MP/STAM for 60s"
-New "enchanted" arrows that deal "explosive" dmg to targets [fire and sundmg].

--Again my mod is meant to supplement Enemy AI mods that enhance Vamps/Werebeasts/Undead. But it can used by anyone; making vanilla Vamps/Undead even easier.

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HaloEliteLegend Mar 12, 2014 @ 3:36pm 
Go Dawnguard, and not just because you want to be the good guys.
When you are Dawnguard, you get to craft crossbows, which are very powerful. A lot more powerful than a bow and arrow, of course.

But that's not all...
Not only do you get the perks of being a Dawngaurd, once you complete the main quest line for Dawnguard, there will be one vampire (not telling you the name, as it may be a spoiler) who will turn you into a vampire for free. And you can do this an infinite amount of times.
Just ask her to bite you, and you'll become a Vampire. Then, you have access to all the Vampire areas.
There is also a medic (I forgot where) who will cure you, so you can turn into a normal person again. When you become a Vampire, you become a Vampire lord, just like you would if you choose Vampire.
The Dawnguard members will keep asking you to cure yourself if you are in their presence as a Vampire, but they won't do anything to you, so you're fine.

You see, you cannot become a Dawnguard if you choose Vampire. That means you can't craft crossbows.
Choose Dawnguard, so you can be both Dawnguard and a Vampire, and get everything.
Good point, I didn't know crossbow crafting was exclusive to Dawnguard members [I always picked Dawnguard so I didn't know Vamps were excluded from it].

If that's the case, I'll try to exploit that and make more crossbow content

Thanks Halo !
HaloEliteLegend Mar 12, 2014 @ 4:11pm 
Your welcome :)
Although about getting cured when you go from being a Dawnguard to a Vampire... I forgot how to do that. It's either a person or an item that cures you.
I think... It may be something else entirely.

You might want to do a Google search if you want to turn back into a Dawnguard.
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Crossbows are super duper sweet. You also get access to a number of good followers, like Ingjard and Celann, who have no level cap.
hÉisc Mar 12, 2014 @ 6:15pm 
I got the DLC about half a week ago and I chose vampires. I now see that was an obvious mistake. The vampire (Following Halo's theme of not spoiling it) is an interesting character, and it has a rather interesting storyline, I now see the dawnguard should have been what I picked. although I still have not chosen dawnguard yet as I am still running my save with the vampires. well, there's always next time. thanks for pointing out these advantages to me btw :). alright bai.
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