Kattenska Mar 12 @ 10:12am
Saved files mixing up?
I just started playing skyrim, and steam asked if I wanted to transfer some data from cloud. I transferted some old game files, and opened the game. The problem is, I can see my bf game files too,and play them! We have seperate steams, and he have the legendary edition. (I have ne normal one) But now my game is saying I have all the DLC too?? Anyone have/had the same problem?
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wowszer Mar 12 @ 12:37pm 
You must have logged into his account. Are these accounts both on the same pc?
Kattenska Mar 13 @ 12:51am 
We use the same computer to play games. But we dont have steam pasword saved to this computer. So we can't log in to eachothers account :-/
zeromaveric Mar 13 @ 1:29am 
if you share the same computer, you're going to share the same files. if your bf has legendary edition, all other users will have access to it since it's on the same computer. same goes for the save files, since Skyrim only has 1 save data folder, you're going to see each other's save files, despite being on separate accounts
Kattenska Mar 13 @ 2:43am 
Ahaa! I didn't know that! :-0 Well thanks for your help!
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