Jared Wolf 10 mrt 2014 om 12:21nm
ENBoost and DxTory
I am told there is a work around to get these to work with one another. Does anyone know how?
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Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 12 mrt 2014 om 3:08nm 
Too bad noone has responded. This wood b nice to know.
Alkpaz 12 mrt 2014 om 3:20nm 
use proxies just rename the other DLL file and proxy enblocal.ini to the newly named DLL.


^^ that.

Okay that will not help since it doesn't seem to be a Skyrim mod/application at all. If you are trying to limit FPS to 60, do so via your video card driver, do not do it via the enblocal.ini or any other *.ini, this does not help since (for me at least) I had micro stutters while limiting via *.ini. I do not get that by forcing vsync on in my video driver.

If your using it to record.. people have said to drop DxTory in favor of FRAPS or another program. Although, you probably know this since it pops up after doing a search on google. :P
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Jared Wolf 14 mrt 2014 om 8:01vm 
DxTory is a video capture software, doesnt have anything to do with fps limit.
Yes I have been told to use Fraps but FRAPS is a larger resource hog compared to how I have DxTory set up.
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