Sightless17 Mar 9 @ 12:12am
How do you undo a delete on a mod?
I accidentally deleted something from the mainfiles while in my mod. Is there anyway to make that D by the object go away?
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Are you talking about creation kit?

It will do you good to look into it before um, deleting anything yes?
Sightless17 Mar 9 @ 1:07am 
You know how fussy CK gets. I thought I was deleteing the door in the screen and I did but somehow it ended up deleteing the object itself as well. And it was linked to another door which I of course selected don't delete. The file is still there of course but in my mod it's deleted it now. It's not a big thing but still having a single door missing in regular game could mess something up.
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I can't say I have ever had the misfortune, but I wonder, would uninstalling and reinstalling the game be of help? Or perhaps validating game files from the steam library first.....

Note: there is one file that ALWAYS fails to validate, don't worry, it is not important.
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Sightless17 Mar 9 @ 1:53am 
It's just frusterating because it's still there in the original game. I checked! But the mod is supressing it if it's active. Which means if I could only undo the delete function the original files should play as normal. And I figured out why it happend. Turned out while the door itself didn't have unique on it. Some triggers and scripts did! So my creating another one and then deleting it caused all this trouble. I just need to undo the delete function for the mod and all will be well.
Altbert Mar 9 @ 2:17pm 
Use of TESVEdit may help. I use it quite often when I deleted something in the CK by accident and couldn't get it back using Ctrl-Z (Undo). I also use TESVEdit when I have done a lot of editing in the CK and I wasn't content with the results afterwards. Load only your mod in TESVEdit and you can clearly see what has been changed compared to the master file(s). Just remove the changes you don't want, save the mod and you're clear!
Altbert Mar 9 @ 2:24pm 
Oh ... and I also use TES5Snip sometimes. I always make a backup before removing things with TESVEdit. With my latest mod I removed a lot of changed NPCs, because an AI package didn't work how I intended. Now when I get the package to work, I will use TES5Snip to put the NPCs back into my mod, without having to configure all those NPCs again.
Sightless17 Mar 9 @ 3:36pm 
Thank you, thank you! Hours of work saved! It worked like a charm.
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