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Most Hated People In Skyrim
Who Do You Hate The Most In Skyrim???
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PrecedingStrike 5. mar kl. 5:44pm 
Do you go to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am i saying, of course not!
Duck With Swag 5. mar kl. 5:46pm 
Duck With Swag 5. mar kl. 5:48pm 
And I HATE that High Elf who wanders around Solitude telling me that my clothes/armor is stupid. Forgot her name though.
Allyden 5. mar kl. 6:28pm 
Oprindeligt skrevet af mrmystery634:
And I HATE that High Elf who wanders around Solitude telling me that my clothes/armor is stupid. Forgot her name though.

Taarie who works in Radiant Raiment but her sister is yet more antipathic tho. Even after you complete her quest to the jarl and wearing clothes from her store she will complain about your outfit. :-/
Draughir 5. mar kl. 7:07pm 
Hmm...vampires killed her...I have a key to radiant raiment now..
I punched nazeem once. Or twice. Maybe five times. Worth the bounty. That brat in whiterun is up there too...the one that was bullying the other kid.
I tried to kill Ancano in my last playthrough...well before the orb thingee quest. That's when I found out he was essential. Sigh.
maven black briar is kind of annoying too. Belethor gets on my nerves a bit...but he's pretty low on the list.

And I kill Thalmor every chance I get. I've debated going back to the embassy just for kicks to see if I can clear it again. :)
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Silky Sushi 5. mar kl. 7:31pm 
I forgot his name...but that crazy preaching dude in front the talos shrine at the bottom of the staircase to Dragonsreach!
Tyionj 5. mar kl. 7:48pm 
Nazeem...He's the worst, I hate the voice actor for even sitting in a studio and recording that line.
freolo78 5. mar kl. 7:58pm 
doesnt it sound like the dude preaching at whiterun is sometimes screaming ....."an Assman he said". o.O..... or is that just what im hearing :P
jayneeeeee 5. mar kl. 8:03pm 
I really, really hate Nazeem. He's so damn annoying and just.. ugh! Maven Black-Briar is the worst, though. I just hate her attitude, I hate everything about her! Rifton is my favourite place to live in usually, and I mostly side with the empire. But if I do, then that makes her the jarl, which leaves me even more ♥♥♥♥ed than usual. Oh, and Taarie. Ugh. Like, honey, have you seen YOUR outfit?
Judge 5. mar kl. 8:07pm 
Mushroom AZIAN 5. mar kl. 8:13pm 
Nazeem that little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, he lives in an attic and I live in a castle! he should be kissing MY ♥♥♥. Him:Do you get to the cloud district very often of corse you dont. Me: no, I go to the top of the world and wreck shop.
ddynomyte 5. mar kl. 8:53pm 
Thalmor Embassy. Those little f uckers are using their money and parties to hide the facts about the dragon ressurections. I actually don't find Nazeem all that annoying, sort like how everyone but me hates Navi from Zelda: Oot.
hedgie_yozh 5. mar kl. 9:46pm 
Rolff Stone-Fist. I love beating the crap out of him. And that crone who runs Candlehearth Hall, too.
Allyden 5. mar kl. 10:03pm 
The most hated person in Skyrim...YOU the player. Many people are hostile to you, no matter if you bought a house you're still an outsider for your new neighbors. Like 60% of Skyrim wants you dead and the rest just don't care. Wandering into the wilderness or roads you'll find either an elf, orc or nord who wants to kill you on first sight without any reason so Nazeem is nothing lol. Don't forget all those of assassins sent by ASTRID with her orders in a note wrote by herself to cut off your head and when you joined the Dark Brotherhood she doesn't say anything about it. :-/
di eshor ribly 5. mar kl. 10:03pm 
Balgruuf's kids. I hate all three of the little blighters.
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