[CCG] Aviator Mage 2014年3月4日上午10:57
Recently when I open Skyrim, I get to my save, and since this play through I am only using spells, this includes Bound Weapons. However, whenever I try to cast the Bound Sword spell, the hand goes up and it looks like it will cast, and then it acts as though I just hit Alt+F4 or used Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then killed Skyrim. Any solutions?
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Morkonan 2014年3月4日上午11:04 
Are you saying the game crashes or freezes? If so, it may be a spell effect that's not loading properly. (You are casting long enough for the spell to have triggered, right?)

Are you running any mods that would conflict with spell-casting or spell effects? Have you validated/verified your game cache through Steam, to be sure something didn't get corrupted?
[CCG] Aviator Mage 2014年3月4日上午11:33 
I am only using four mods, and to the best of my knowledge none of them conflict with it, though it is possible.
1: Corvo's Sword (Dishonored)
2: Berenziah Stones Quest Markers
3: Fast Travel custom Markers
4: Unread Glowing Books
And it crashes. Just closes. No error reports or anything.
Morkonan 2014年3月4日上午11:58 
引用自 Time-Lock Spectre
I am only using four mods, and to the best of my knowledge none of them conflict with it, though it is possible.
1: Corvo's Sword (Dishonored)

There aren't any custom animations wtih that sword, are there? It unequips without any obvious issues?

3: Fast Travel custom Markers

And it crashes. Just closes. No error reports or anything.

Try disabling this. It uses a spell to generate custom markers that you can place and use for fast-travel. I don't use it, but after reading it, it may be that the developer incorrectly copied the attributes for the Bound weapon's spell and either didn't rename it or has somehow, otherwise, borked it up. Try disabling this mod and see what happens. I don't know how the mod handles itself, but I wouldn't think it would leave behind a dirty save if you decided not to run it. Then again, if the dev actually borked up one of the Bound item spells, there's no telling. Just see.

By the way, does that conflict happen with all of the Bound spells, or just the one you're using? Try different ones to check. Give yourself the necessary spellbook using the console, if you have to. ie: Enter the console, type player.additem and then the item number of the spellbook you need, followed by the number one (1) for one copy of that book to be placed in your inventory so you can test other Bound item spells.

PS - It's the dev's first mod, so don't be too hard on him if this proves to be the cause. :)

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[CCG] Aviator Mage 2014年3月4日下午12:23 
It only does it with the Bound Sword. I made sure with the Bound Bow and the Bound Battleaxe. I can disable the Fast Travel Marks, I only used it to be able to fast travel directly to the house in Windhelm instead of walking from the city gate. And Corvo's Sword has no custom animations. It just equips and unequips like a normal weapon.
Morkonan 2014年3月5日上午12:25 
Did you try disabling the Fast Travel Custom Markers mod? If it only does it with the Bound Sword, then that may be what he used as a base for his spell and he has somehow overwritten the final effect of the casting of the Bound Sword spell. Disabling the Fast Travel Markers mod to test to see if its effecting your Bound Sword spell is what you need to do. If it is, then you need to get him to fix it or you shouldn't load that mod.
[CCG] Aviator Mage 2014年3月5日上午1:09 
I have all mods disabled, and the problem is still there. I verified the game cache and it's all fine, but I don't want to delete the content and re-download the game, even though my save is in the steam cloud
Theefzor 2014年3月5日上午3:07 
I think I had the problem before, it got fixed when I removed all my stuff in my inventory with console command.

I think it was similar guide to fix this problem: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=138175181
[CCG] Aviator Mage 2014年3月5日上午8:30 
Thanks very much, I appreciate it
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