theelflord223 3. maalis, 2014 10.34
Skyrim won't work
So it was working fine until it froze on me mid-game and i had to turn off my computer and restart, i think there was a new update but now it won't load. It'll open and i hit countine and the loading screen comes up but then it crashes and i'm back on home screen so i can't actaully play the do i fix this?
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Trigger 3. maalis, 2014 10.38 
NO NEW UPDATES TO SKYRIM. try Verify Integrity of game cache
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Trigger; 3. maalis, 2014 10.41
jcorzine 3. maalis, 2014 11.17 
Also check your anti virus program.....with all these steam updates I myself had steam games I had to list on anti virus exception list which never had problem before
Vixen (Porttikiellossa) 3. maalis, 2014 11.41 
If the Bethesda logo pops up then after it goes away and the Dragon shows up, but then it crashes, then it's probably a mod/mods you have. Try disabling some and then try again.
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