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Vityan <3 3 mar, ore 3:26
help find old mod
Earlier in the workshop was mod which replaces the armor in the game on its version of the old part of the Elder Scrolls, there was a second version with perks. I remember armor from trol bone, chitin, and green crystal stone. Help me find this mod!
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TheNovemberMan 3 mar, ore 9:06 
immersive Armor, by Hothtrooper
TheNovemberMan 3 mar, ore 10:25 
ket__ARMONIZER. have fun trying to find this mod, just spent 45 minutes looking for it on the Nexus, but no luck. NEXUS MOD MANAGER has a crappy search engine
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Aragon_1974 3 mar, ore 11:57 
Amidianborn has the glas armor in morrowind-style..let me grab for ya.....

and here we go :

Atleast 1 armor set remade in the old style, just pick the right one.
Pardinuz 3 mar, ore 12:58 
Vityan <3 7 mar, ore 3:58 
pardinus, TY it is this mod!
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