The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Mr. Crumpet 2014年3月2日上午9:35
Spending time in skyrim.
Once you have done everything in skyrim what do you do, i personally just mess around with mods and take nice Screenshots, what do you do?
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Exonical 2014年3月2日上午9:47 
Do you have any DLC's?
gnewna 2014年3月2日上午10:00 
I'll let you know when I've done everything... Only been playing around 750 hours. (I've been modding for a significant amount of that time, but not much of it has been additional content stuff, I just keep making different characters, new playstyles, etc... Still not actually done a complete run through of the main quest, Companions or College of Winterhold.
Bob 2014年3月2日上午10:07 
I'm nowhere near done as well, but in-between quests, I like to hunt (now using Hunterborn that Gnewna recommened) and craft, or sell things from what I killed. Lots of wood chopping too, and generally exploring.

I guess smithing has to be included, as well.
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gnewna 2014年3月2日上午10:11 
Yay, glad I was able to spread the joy of Hunterborn! I've never really bothered with hunting before, but now it's something I'm inclined to incorporate at least a bit into most of my characters, esp now I'm using RND, and it's got some interesting stuff for alchemy, too :)
Bob 2014年3月2日上午10:12 
Isn't RND great? That, and Frostfall, make you think.
Savick 2014年3月2日上午10:24 
I have played the main quest, side quests, and all the DLC's at least six times. I try to hang around long enough to kill a Legendary Dragon but I haven't done it yet. I usually do things that I don't normally do, like pickpocket more, hone my backstabing skills, bring the theives guild back to it's former glory, look for treasure, explore, hunt and camp (I have a mod for that). I also like to continue doing jobs for the Night Mother and Companions and I also like to whack on any faction that I didn't side with during the Civil War.

But my most favorite thing to do is start a fresh new game. There is nothing like coming out of Helgen at level 1 with a tiny bit of loot and an Imperial sword with everything in front of you. That's probably why I have never killed a Legendary Dragon. I don't have the patience for it.
riffahlc175 2014年3月2日上午11:19 
Grab a bunch of cabbages and drop them from a cliff or roll them down a hill. Collect a mess of gems, and midday in any town, at the market center drop them and see what happens. I did that in Solitude and got a plethora of comments from the townsfolk; "Don't drop your garbage here." Some were scrambling to pick it up, others were fighting over it. Guards seemed baffled. Hysterical! Search for hidden chests. in waterfalls, caves, randomly out in the open.............
Bob 2014年3月2日上午11:21 
Speaking of cabbage, you can also farm if you want. There's a couple of nice looking Mods for that too, while you're not doing much. As of yet, I don't have them, but I'm sure I'll be getting them soon.

Katixas Ciderhouse Restuarant. You have to harvest Apples for this one, and lots of them. --> LINK[]
A nice looking farming Mod --> LINK[]
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