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Batman 2014年3月1日 19時31分
Anyone else using RealVision ENB? I have an issue with Depth of Field.
It's this mod.

My issue is that I can't find a way to increase the range, I can turn it off, i can adjust the fade time. It's annoying because I can't see 2 feet infront of me when on a horse, and I can't see anything directly past me on foot, right now it's disabled. I like DoF because it's realistic, but imagine sitting in front of a computer and it being blurred as if it's too far away, it's really annoying.
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Batman 2014年3月1日 22時11分 
A dead Iwata is a good Iwata 2014年3月1日 22時14分 
if you did the enb dev thing correctly, in game hit shift and enter at the same time to change some settings and to turn depth of field off
最近の変更はA dead Iwata is a good Iwataが行いました; 2014年3月1日 22時20分
Zefram Cochrane 2014年3月2日 11時32分 
Wierd, DOF is probably 50 feet or so in my game, not 2 feet. Don't like it myself and its a huge resource hog.

try reinstalling it again?
最近の変更はZefram Cochraneが行いました; 2014年3月2日 11時33分
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