dnahacker13 2014年3月1日下午4:29
skyrim crash to desktop
can someone help stop my skyrim from crashing to desktop i have done the following so far
done 2 computer full restores
found my missing skyrimprefs.ini. and slyrim.esm files
ive adjusted my audio
disabled steam cloud and steams in game interference
closed out every other application but skyrim
adjusted my screen and resolution
cleaning the game files with test edit
removing all mods
removing all mods and nexus mod manager
reinstalling skyrim close to 100 times
verifying the game in which it says one file is missing but it wont replace or tell me what it is
tried the unofficial patchs
tried every load order possibility
used boss to setup my load order
and playing the game with all dlc's off and still no luck
my copy of skyrim worked fine before windows 8.1 came out and after that ♥♥♥♥ hit the fan i even restored my pc to get it back to windows 8 with no luck of getting the game to work
its not my video card either i know i checked and updated the drivers on it and every part of laptop so everything is up to date
is there anything i can do to fix this ive been trying to get this t work for the past month and im at my wits end
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dnahacker13 2014年3月1日下午8:34 
well im just glad to have a new fix to try
dnahacker13 2014年3月1日下午10:24 
it did not work
Wolf 2014年3月1日下午10:25 
do you have any mods?
dnahacker13 2014年3月1日下午10:28 
nope i removed all mods first disbled them on nexus then i remvoed nexus modmanager i also checked to makesure i had no mods on steam before i did my reinstall
Wolf 2014年3月1日下午10:28 
dnahacker13 2014年3月1日下午10:33 
yup i have scrubed my pc clean of any and all skyrim related matterial before trying this most recent install and still no luck and both steam and bethesda have been no help to me
dnahacker13 2014年3月1日下午10:44 
i cant even contact steam about this for somereason
dnahacker13 2014年3月2日上午6:54 
ddint help
Ilja 2014年3月2日上午7:28 
I will drop you a link to page, where you can find information about enabling Papyros logs for you game. Play the game untill CTD and see what caused it. When you now the culprit, then you might be able to find mod or other solution to fix this problem.

dnahacker13 2014年3月2日下午12:44 
that didnt help i got even get the logs file to appaer
Ilja 2014年3月2日下午1:59 
引用自 dnahacker13
that didnt help i got even get the logs file to appaer

If you changed all menioned values to "1" from INI-file, then same folder - (My)Documents\My Games\Skyrim - should get a new folder called "Logs" after you have ran the game. Ran the game until CTD, or Papyrus log won't tell you much.

Note that reading the information straight from the log is a real pain, because it does not sort itself out. Copying the data to some other text program or forum previer screen allows you to make some sence out of it. There are programs to aid you, if nothing else works.
最后由 Ilja 编辑于; 2014年3月2日下午1:59
Dr. Shocks . DO 2014年3月2日下午2:03 
Are you starting a new game?
Don't use old save-file
dnahacker13 2014年3月2日下午2:17 
it ctds after 5 minutes of runing the game and it dosent show up i tried 5 times in a row to get it to show up and no luck
dnahacker13 2014年3月2日下午2:18 
i removed all save data after my second re install so i always start a new game
dnahacker13 2014年3月2日下午2:46 
just got logs. im making progress
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