Pluto Mar 1, 2014 @ 7:43am
I asked this same question on some other games so i'll ask it here...
Why dosn't bethesda update their games to work with Mac too? I lost my windows computer... (Same with fallout and oblivion and such)
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grimus Mar 1, 2014 @ 7:50am 
lol, upgrade, more like re-write the entire computer coding. Bootcamp?
Pluto Mar 1, 2014 @ 7:52am 
...I know it would take alot.... but alot of other games did that... why can't bethesda?
[SCZ] Deadrecon Mar 1, 2014 @ 7:54am 
Why cant you buy a new windows PC a lot of other people have.
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Pluto Mar 1, 2014 @ 7:56am 
Because i put a ♥♥♥♥ ton of money into this and cant even afford one
wfandrews54 Mar 1, 2014 @ 8:10am 
There are not enough Mac users out there to make it worth Bethesda's time, money, and resources to write the game for Mac. Bethesda is a business so why should they invest money in something they will not show a profit on?
Ygolnac Mar 1, 2014 @ 10:14am 
Marketing. Adapting/rewriting their games to Mac would use more money than what will be earned. As simple as that. If you are interested in gaming Mac was not a good purchase.
Draughir Mar 1, 2014 @ 10:26am 
Funny how early on Apple had the quintessential gaming machines. Of course the same could be said for Atari. The company that all but invented the console, can no longer make a decent console.

/end threadbomb
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] Mar 1, 2014 @ 10:39am 
Originally posted by TheGerba:
Because i put a ♥♥♥♥ ton of money into this and cant even afford one

I do not understand why you invested so heavily in a mac when PC is a no brainer...

Forgive the initial scentence, but I am sure it is on everyone's mind when reading this...Was a Mac the only thing available for you when you 'lost' your PC? I just don't know why people are using Macintosh's.
grimus Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:14am 
@Dan - the Mac series are good computers, just not a popular gaming computer. Apple][ forever!
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:24am 
Ok, I won't say they are crap or anything...just have this prejudice I guess, through lack of knowledge about what exactly they are useful for...any facts?
Draughir Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:32am 
Back in the day they were the preferred platform for graphics design, and digital photography. And a lot more reliable and stable than windows computers
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[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:50am 
that explains why we had them back in school....
grimus Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:52am 
@Dan - In the early days you could modify the Apple computer much the same as you can with a PC today. Time passed and Apple became more and more anal retentive with their proprietary rights ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and they lost the gaming communities' support ever since. As for facts, well I haven't done any research on the topic in a very long time, just my anecdotal evidence. The last time I checked however the Macs were comparable to PCs in almost every aspect except for the 3rd party hardware interchanges. This alone makes the PC more desirable as a gaming computer than an Apple product. imho. btw "Apple][ forever" was made tongue-in-cheek as it was the first computer I owned and the slogan "Apple][ forever"' was Apple's at the time.
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Dr. Shocks . DO Mar 1, 2014 @ 11:58am 
Originally posted by TheGerba:
Because i put a ♥♥♥♥ ton of money into this and cant even afford one
If you can afford a mac, you can afford a windows license.

Microsoft is such a "nice" company that they allow you to install Windows on a Mac computer [via bootcamp]. Unfortunately, can't say the same thing about Apple.
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Draughir Mar 1, 2014 @ 12:46pm 
First computer I messed with was an Apple IIe. I had a boatload of games on 5' floppy disks. Everything from Karateka, to Taipan, to Pool of Radiance.
(yes, I'm dating myself. I'm an old fart. ;)
But it's true, Apple got so caught up in proprietary crap; and failed to liscence out their products, that their market share plummeted, and PCs took over. There's an old rumor, I don't know if it's true or not, that Bill Gates actually reverse-engineered apple's OS to create Windows 3.0.
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