GoDAM Zjemph Mar 1 @ 3:09am
can i run skyrim on this pc on medium settings with no lag
Processor:i5 quad core @ 3.1 ghz each core
graphics card:Nvidia GT610 dedicated 1gb of ram
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اشجعك طور Mar 1 @ 3:28am 
I got pc with 4gb ram, i3 and ATI7750, which is worse than your spec and can run this game with ultra setting. I can even run HD textures with little lag. So I think your spec is more than fine.
bobczes Mar 1 @ 3:41am 
The 7750 is greatly superior to the GT 610.
اشجعك طور Mar 1 @ 3:49am 
Originally posted by bobczes:
The 7750 is greatly superior to the GT 610.
sorry, i wasn't really paying attention to his video card which i should have.
And you are right, it's not as good as my video card and he might have problem running with it.
GoDAM Zjemph Mar 1 @ 3:54am 
ok guys thanks
infinitedarkenergy Mar 1 @ 7:23am 
The specs on the gt 610 show it should be able to run the game on medium settings.
Though when you first play the game, it will check your system and might set it to "low".
If that happens you can go to "options" and set your sample rate to "2" or "off", and manually
raise the separate settings to medium. You may have to try other variations on each "slider"
setting to get the optimum levels. ( Actual manufacturer affects the card's specs also.)
GoDAM Zjemph Mar 1 @ 7:27am 
ok cool
grimus Mar 1 @ 7:41am 
what infinitedarkenergy suggests is right on the money. the linked article will also help.
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