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Wargazym 2014年2月28日 12時33分
what race makes the best vampire? dark elf? ( fire resistance)
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Moose Knuckles 2014年2月28日 12時34分 
Dark Elf. Yes. Any other race that has good sneak skills is also a bonus.
gnewna 2014年2月28日 13時12分 
I had a good run as an Imperial vampire, I don't think it makes any real gameplay difference to play a vamp as an Imperial, but they're supposed to be silver-tongued and persuasive, which seems to fit with someone who can be your best friend in the inn and sneak into your home at night to drink your blood. The Voice of the Emperor can also come in handy when you're just starting out and make mistakes like waking the poor fool you're planning to feed from. (If you're into modding, check out Better Vampires, it makes some pretty excellent improvements over the vanilla vampire system.)
Wargazym 2014年2月28日 13時26分 
Softspokenman 2014年2月28日 13時30分 
werewolf is the best race for vampire best of both worlds
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