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Enki 2014年2月28日 0時37分
My wife (Ysolda) is acting strangely.
Aside from the fact that she is having an affair with my housecarl (Onmund) and that the only reason I don't chain them up and sacrifice them to various Gods and Daedra at the sacrificial ruins in the woods next to my house is that I need someone to protect my daughters while I am away conquering the realm through trade and destruction.

I have hearthfire and live with Ysolda, two daughters and a housecarl at Lakeview manor. About a week ago (ingame) Ysolda was kidnapped by bandits whom I immediately slaughtered. Since her return she has been acting very strangely. For example she walks into walls, does quick half turns on the spot for hours at a time, walks backwards, or just not moving at all for hours until I use the wait command where she disappears to the opposite end of the house to continue her qwerky behaviour.

Whilst a part of her behaviour can acceptable be accredited to the ♥♥♥♥, torture and mental scarring of the kidnapping ordeal, I believe she is glitched.

I have tried Disable and Enable with the console but that doesn't seem to have done much and I'm not sure what other commands would be applicable to the sitation.

Whilst I continue to wake up with the Lover's Comfort effect, my heart and bed grow cold and broken.

- Lonely Dovahkiin
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Ace Voyage - [S.H.] aka. Osi 2014年2月28日 2時01分 
This is what you get when your wife is cheating on you with the housecarl: she got kidnapped, abused (mentally and physical), she probably died. She probably loves you so much, that her ghost is haunting you. I am so sorry for you that you have lost the love of your life, but just carry on! She is still with you! Probably this wont help you, but I just had to put it down, sorry.
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azxcvbnm321 2014年2月28日 3時05分 
Do a search on Google, I've read about that problem somewhere but forgot if there was a fix or not.
Ygolnac 2014年2月28日 7時49分 
You picked the wrong wife or the wrong house.

Ysolda should live inside a wall protected city full of guards, she's weak, a delicate thing.

Lakeview Manor is probably the most infested place in all Skyrim: dragons, giants, vampires, bandits, bears, wolves everyone want to pass from that way becouse it's the only pass beetween a chain of mountains. And a necromancer and a bunch of mudcrabs are your close neighbours.

The other two Hearthfire houses, although positioned near infested burial grounds and giants camps, are MUCH more peacefull.

In Skyrim, if you want to live in the country, choose a wife that can sport an heavy armor and a battleaxe. Aela the Huntress, Mjoll the Lioness, Borgahk Hearth of Steel to name few.

Solution to your problem: end the poor life of the broken Ysolda, disband your adopted children, bribe the priests of Mara (mods) and marry again (mods). Equip your wife with country facilities (heavy armor, battleaxe), employ new children, build another house and make yourself another life.

NOTE: you might want a female houscarl.

Personal experience: when bandits kidnapped Aela the Huntress i rushed to their cave to find them all dead and my wife greeting me while walking back home.
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AJ™ 2014年2月28日 8時04分 
that Quest ( kidnapping ) is heavily bugged and wife acting strange is the outcome of that bug avoid it as best you can i have lost many wives to that buggy quest.
Draughir 2014年2月28日 8時41分 
Not a helpful link as far as fixes go, but something to show you you're not alone having trouble with that quest.
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Draughir 2014年2月28日 8時49分 
Ygolnac の投稿を引用:

Personal experience: when bandits kidnapped Aela the Huntress i rushed to their cave to find them all dead and my wife greeting me while walking back home.

LOL. Me too! See link above. And that sound like the best possible outcome for this particular side-quest
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