Crowe Freighter Feb 27, 2014 @ 9:03pm
Esc and Tab keys not working? Help?
I don't know how this happened but now my tab and esc keys dont work properly while playing the game which makes it impossible to bring up the character and system menu. I managed to get a temporary fix by binding the steam overlay key as the tab key and then pressing the tab key in-game which will bring up both the character menu and steam overlay.However.after a while the keys will stop working once again. I've tested the keys on other applications like Notepad and they work fine so it's surely not a keyboard issue.
Anyone knows an answer to this problem?
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Ghost Feb 27, 2014 @ 9:18pm 
Have you tried rebinding the character menu to something else and just see if it vvorks that vvay? And if it does, try going back to the default keybind again.
Crowe Freighter Feb 27, 2014 @ 9:27pm 
No, it's only the tab and Esc keys that aren't responding. I know that because it's not just the character menu that doesn't work. Any other functions used for the tab/esc key doesnt work either (exiting dialogue, exiting map etc).
Of course rebinding the menus to any other keys and ignoring the tab-esc keys altogether would be a slight solution but that's not what I want.
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Ghost Feb 27, 2014 @ 9:37pm 
VVell, you could reinstall your game if you truly do not find any other solution, and see if that fixes it.
The saves vvill be kept, so you could pick up right vvhere you left off (Just to be safe you could also manually copy the save game file).
Probably not the best option tho, if you have loads of mods etc that vvould require reinstallation.

Before you consider reinstalling, you could try as I said svvapping around the keybinds a bit, just to see if that kickstarts the correct keybinds, or try loading earlier saves. Don't knovv vvhy that vvould do any good, but it's vvorth a try. And im assuming of course that you've already restarted the game a fevv times :P

I'm playing at the moment vvith a bit altered keybinds, as you probably have seen in the vvriting my vv key is broken. Thats the keyboard being broken tho :)
Its unpleasent, but it vvorks.
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