masterflrman Feb 27 @ 3:52pm
com♥♥♥♥r keeps crashing using this stream?
i just got game today and have crashed 15 plus times, sometimes its when i go through a door or travel. now just walking down the path.. any suggestions?
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Dr. Shocks . DO Feb 27 @ 3:53pm 
Computer not good enough to play the game?

Using mods?

Bob Feb 27 @ 4:17pm 
System specs, and a Mod list, would prove useful to help you.
masterflrman Feb 27 @ 4:53pm 
no . com♥♥♥♥r was built for gaming, dell xps, i spent over 2k for this comp.
Bob Feb 27 @ 4:59pm 
I can't count how many times I've heard that one. Either way, what about a Mod list. Did you get the basic Mods, such as "Unofficial Patches?" No need to be so offensive about basic questions, that are asked all over this forum.
Dr. Shocks . DO Feb 27 @ 5:10pm 
Originally posted by masterflrman:
no . com♥♥♥♥r was built for gaming, dell xps, i spent over 2k for this comp.
My 1995 Sony VAIO with a Pentium 200 mhz cpu with 4 MB of dedicated GPU [LOL 4 MB!!!] was $3000; doesn't mean it can play games. And if that is a recent Dell XPS; then it's going to be less powerful than Dell's acquired gaming brand called "Alienware".

No one cares about how much it cost; we need specifics.
masterflrman Feb 27 @ 5:13pm 
i downloaded all the paches i could find, i didnt mean to sound offensive, sorry, just frustrated
Bob Feb 27 @ 5:13pm 
Originally posted by Shocks -Law & Order- Buff:
No one cares about how much it cost; we need specifics.
No doubt 'Shocks' I just spend a ton of money in October for my system, but that doesn't mean it's the best, and can run anything, anywhere, anytime.
masterflrman Feb 27 @ 5:13pm 
can i play skyrim without this stupid stream system?
Bob Feb 27 @ 5:15pm 
No way, no how. Skyrim right now is Steam Exclusive.

I'm sorry, did you mean Steam, or Stream? If "STREAM" what do you mean?
Last edited by Bob; Feb 27 @ 5:16pm
mpd1958 Feb 27 @ 5:15pm 
Make sure you have the Unofficial Patches for the game and any DLCs you may have. These solve a large majority of the problems found ing the game. Make sure you have the correct load order in your Data File on startup screen as well. Should look something like this:

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Dawnguard.esm (?)
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp (If you have)
Hearthfire.esm (?)
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp (If you have)
Dragonborn.esm (?)
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp (If you have)

You might also get SkyUI, SKSE, and the Skyrim High Rez Texture downloads.
When they are downloaded check Data File and ensure they are checked. Also after downloading you may want to Verify Game Cashe Integrity.
Bob Feb 27 @ 5:18pm 
SKSE was my next advice, MPD1958.
Last edited by Bob; Feb 27 @ 5:18pm
[Snipe] ChrisSpartan Feb 27 @ 5:20pm 
you probably dont have a good a enough computer to process the game on low quality i need the computer model year and specs it might just be that your graphics card is dying
Bob Feb 27 @ 5:22pm 
I'm now concerned about "Stream" or "Steam?"
masterflrman Feb 27 @ 5:26pm 
when i bought the skyrin V game yesterday it requires an internet connection and a community streaming i think its this system causing the issues.
Bob Feb 27 @ 5:30pm 
Sorry, no chance in that, that I know of. You need Steam to play Skyrim.
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