Pvt Kia Feb 26 @ 8:17pm
Game keeps tabbing out for no reason
My game just tabs out and then I can't get back in so I have to close it and restart. It keeps randomly doing this
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Bob Feb 26 @ 8:37pm 
I get that from time-to-time. I just alt tab, and click on the blank screen, and I'm back in the game. Try it next time, and see if it works for you as well.
Pvt Kia Feb 27 @ 6:22am 
Ok but is there a way to stop it?
JON 9000 Feb 27 @ 6:27am 
Program that you have running might cause this.
My antivirus keeps doing this whenever it updates, there is popup message telling me about update, that causes it.

Sure, i could disable the popup, but for some reason i have not bothered to.
Pvt Kia Feb 27 @ 6:28am 
There are no programs running and no pop ups it just tabs out for absolutely no reason.
Bob Feb 27 @ 7:18am 
I have noticed on mine, that when my registry cleaner, spyware, or Windows is automatically updating, or scaning, that this happens. For me, it's so infrequent, that I just live with it. I'm not willing to shut down any of those valuable programs while playing a game.

So I just do my thing that I posted above. It only takes 2 seconds, and the game seems to pause itself right where I was, so it's not like I'm walking off a cliff, or getting flamed by a Mage.
Pvt Kia Feb 27 @ 2:16pm 
No programs are running I checked. So absolutely no way to put an end to this?
Bob Feb 27 @ 2:35pm 
Sometimes it's hard to see what programs are actually running at the time this happens. So you may not be aware of what's running. I was lucky to spot it.

If you have any of those 3 programs I've listed above, running on 'Auto' then you certainly do have programs running in the background. So check again, and make sure. Even Mocrosoft Security Essentials running can do this, along with other programs you're just not aware of, that auto does things.
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