UndoRedo 2月26日下午12:53
Graphics Card not detected? (SOLVED)
Well, I'm sorry if this kind of post is a repost or so.

First of all, I've been playing skyrim quite a while now, and have installed this and that mod. Until one mod made me realize that I've been using the integrated graphics card to play this game.

I have a Laptop, with nvidia gtx765m and a Intel HD Graphics 4600 integrated. I just realized that, I can play skyrim with all high in 1080p with my integrated gpu. Hungry for more better visual, I installed the "RealVision ENB" mod. After putting all that, and testing it, it worked, but surprisingly I see my integrated gpu being used when I play, and because of that, I can't set the "RealVision" mod (I have to disable few recommended mod from realvision to make it run smoothly) to it's maximum potential. When I check the option on the skyrim launcher, it didn't show the nvidia graphics card.

So I'm asking gently if you guys out there found a solution for this kind of problem. I've used the setting in Nvidia control panel, and used "open with gpu" option on the launcher and the skse launcher too, nothing works. It shows only Intel HD Graphics 4600 being used.
But the other games used the gtx765m to play.

Thanks, and sorry if my English is not quite understandable.

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El Presidente Miku 2月26日下午12:59 
you can disable the integrated gpu in the bios -> google
you may need to reinstall the enb it may need to detect your gpu again.

you can also try this d3d9.dll creator:
create a .dll for your system and place it in skyrims installfolder where the .exe is. i the ENB comes with the same .dll you cant use this suggestion
UndoRedo 2月26日下午1:01 
Oh yeah, I've tried the Bios / UEFI methode too, but sadly, I can't so easily disable my gpu from there, it doesn't show any of my gpu actually. Is my bios out of date or something?

Well, the d3d9.dll creator is a new for me, trying it now.

Thanks man, cheers!
Dr. Shocks . DO 2月26日下午1:12 
check your nvidia optimus settings
UndoRedo 2月26日下午1:20 
Its working with the d3d9.dll creator! Thanks man, thanks a lot!
El Presidente Miku 2月26日下午1:23 
ENB works as intended?
UndoRedo 2月26日下午1:26 
Yup, thanks again man, I won't be out from my room for another weeks now.
El Presidente Miku 2月26日下午1:53 
gather some food and some drinks then :D
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