The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Strider 2014年2月23日下午7:01
I have a house and room for a child, but I still can't adopt.
So I purchased property in Falkreath and built a house. It has a bedroom with a child's bed, a child's chest and a wardrobe. When I talk to Constance at the orphanage, she says come back when you have a room for a child or something similar to that.
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Shelt 2014年2月23日下午7:12 
1. Make sure you have the unnoficial hearthfire patch. HR is very buggy DLC. The patch is almost mandatory at this point.

2. Make sure you built everything in that room. I am assuming you built the extra bedroom addition on the side of the house instead of a greenhouse or whatever.

3. Make sure you don't have a bounty.

4. Make sure you don't have any mod conflicts.
Strider 2014年2月23日下午8:41 
Where can I get the patch from?
Amycus 2014年2月23日下午8:43 
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Where can I get the patch from?
tigerstrike 2014年2月23日下午9:19 
I could not adopt until I got rid of that woman in Riften. You must first complete the quest Innocence Lost
Juzt_Lernin 2014年2月23日下午9:24 
No you don't tiger. I adopted a while ago and just completed that quest today.
morbosfist 2014年2月23日下午9:59 
You can't adopt from the Riften orphanage if you haven't killed the old lady. The four homeless kids in the towns are fair game.
gnewna 2014年2月24日上午1:29 
I think you have to have two child's beds and chests.
Skyrimnut 2014年2月24日上午2:50 
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I think you have to have two child's beds and chests.

Yep, had the same problem over at Windstad. Thought I was ready, but didn't get the move option. Turns out, I was missing ONE dresser in the mainhall. The one that goes right between the two child's beds. Only then did I get the dialogue option. Children are so picky. Geez. She doesn't even sleep in the house anymore cause Meeko bugs out in Windstand. So they are in the hovel that is Breezehome and I am living like a king in the manor, with a ton of extra beds AND that dresser.

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