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ThatRedEngineer 2014年2月23日 6時48分
How Do I Lower the FPS?
I've been having some bugs in the beginning of the game whenever I start one with the horses spazzing out all over the place while the cart tumbles over several times. I know that I should lower the FPS down to around 60-70, but I don't know where to find it on my PC!

Does anybody know where I should go to?
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Lonestarr 2014年2月23日 7時24分 
You can force v-sync with gpu control-panel, or use this:
DeutscherKaiser 2014年2月23日 7時45分 
Go to nvidia control panel ---> force V-ync that`s how I do it
ThatRedEngineer 2014年2月23日 8時01分 
SUIRAM の投稿を引用:
Go to nvidia control panel ---> force V-ync that`s how I do it

Ok, but I can't find the control panel for nvidia. nor can I find the option to turn on V-sync!
MageThis 2014年2月23日 8時01分 
For AMD launch Catalyst Control Centre.. it might be in your SysTray if it is loaded on Startup. Also check out "RadeonPro":
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MageThis 2014年2月23日 8時02分 
Right-click on a vacant spot on your desktop.
iPeer 2014年2月23日 8時17分 
Doesn't the launcher have a vsync option?
WNxFluttershy 2014年2月23日 8時22分 
Or mod the hell out of it and put it on Ugrid 11. Just saying.
McFlameWang 2014年2月23日 9時18分 
Getting high FPS causes that? I've never seen that happen.
Zefram Cochrane 2014年2月23日 11時22分 
If you're using an ENB theres a setting in the .ini file to enable VSync or Limit FPS, 60 being the default one used by the game. ENB boost is a way to do it without using the ENB features, contains Shesan's memory patch too
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ThatRedEngineer 2014年2月23日 12時16分 
Ok, the problem is fixed now! Thanks for the help!
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